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Anti Wrinkle Serums

Would you like to reverse the signs of aging on a cellular level?  Sounds very scientific, doesn’t it?  It’s possible if you find an effective anti aging serum, a liquid applied evenly onto the face prior to the application of an anti wrinkle cream.  Used in tandem, they are amazingly effective with regular use.  What can they do, you ask?  Serums can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  With regular use of an anti wrinkle serum, your skin will have a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Most anti wrinkle serums are fortified with free-radical fighting vitamins, such as A, D, B and C. 

  • Anti aging serums protect the skin from the damaging effects of environmental pollution.

  • Use very small amounts of any anti wrinkle serum.  A little goes a long way.

  • Dispense a small amount of anti wrinkle serum into the palm of your hand and warm it by rubbing your hands together.  Then apply it to the face with a long upward sweeping motion.  Allow to absorb completely into the skin.  Follow with the application of your regular anti wrinkle cream or lotion. 

  • Some anti aging serums can be applied around the eyes to minimize the look of crow’s feet or around the mouth to lighten the look of expression lines.

  • Use your anti wrinkle serum on your throat.  Nighttime application on the neck feels pampering when used under your creamy, enriched throat cream.

  • Apply an anti aging serum both day and night. They are lightweight and won’t disturb the look of your make-up foundation when they are properly applied.  

  • Anti wrinkle serums are not necessarily a substitute for your daily moisturizer or night cream.  They absorb into the skin.  In most cases, their purpose is not to moisturize, but, they will help your moisturizer to be more effective.

  • Consistency of application is the key to successful results when using an anti aging serum.

  • Anti wrinkle serums can increase the production of collagen and elastin and create a more youthful look.

If you feel it is too much trouble to apply yet one more product during your morning or evening beauty rituals, think twice.  Anti wrinkle serums are your new best friend if you truly want to enhance the tone and firmness of your skin.  With regular application, anti aging serums will diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Women report surprisingly optimistic changes in the texture and overall appearance of their skin.  Once they try an anti wrinkle serum, they’re hooked. They hold them right up there next to the other most-needed beauty products they’d take with them to a deserted island along with their mascara and lipstick.