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Anti Wrinkle Treatments

You should treat your body with the same loving care you give your face and eye area with anti wrinkle body treatments. You should apply anti wrinkle creams on a regular basis to the entire body. Hands, the throat and the décolleté, if not taken care of properly, can be a definite give-away to your age.  After all, you’ve taken such great care of the skin on your face, why be inconsistent?

There are a multitude of products that can be applied with ease, will give you a pampered feeling and protect you from the early onset of wrinkles and in some cases reverse the appearance of brown age spots.  The following is a well-researched “to do” list to follow when shopping for the perfect anti aging creams:

  • Just as with face anti aging creams, you’ll want a sun protection factor (SPF) in your anti wrinkle creams for the body.  Sun exposure is an enemy of your skin, whether it is on your face, throat, hands or legs.  They can all potentially wrinkle and be covered with age spots.  Who wants that?  Choose one with an SPF factor of at least 15 or higher.  Also, be sure to select products that block UVA and UVB rays.    

  • Choose anti wrinkle creams packed with botanicals and cellular renewal benefits.  Slather it all over your freshly-shaved legs.  Apply to your décolleté to feed skin the moisture it deserves.

  • Buy luxurious anti aging creams with sensual ingredients that moisturize and elevate ones mood, like mango butter, chocolate or vanilla.  They will leave the skin youthful and soft to the touch. Be certain they contain an SPF. 

  • Anti aging creams with olive oil are good for keeping premature aging at bay and grapefruit oil on the ingredient list serves to tone and tighten the skin, as well.

  • Mineral oil, synthetic dyes and parabens can irritate the skin.  Check the label of your anti wrinkle cream to be certain it doesn’t contain any of them.

  • Applying an anti wrinkle cream in tandem with drinking the recommended minimum of eight glasses of water a day is critical.  A constant flushing of the system will keep the skin clean and clear.

Weather it’s on your body or your face, watch closely for signs of dryness on your skin.  Don’t let it get to the point when it is showing visible signs of flaking.  Don’t worry if it does, worrying can cause wrinkles.  Instead, select an emollient-rich anti wrinkle cream and be faithful to it.  However, you’ll need to exfoliate the dry areas first so the anti aging cream can absorb into the new healthy skin.  Once your skin is re-hydrated, there are anti wrinkle creams you can begin to use that contain alpha hydroxy acids that help to slough off dead skin cells while moisturizing it at the same time.  It’s a lifelong process caring for you skin.  Whatever anti aging cream you use should be one with a texture you enjoy applying and a smell that triggers a sense of well-being.