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Tip #1 - Cleansing & Toning

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy" - Anne Frank

"Squeaky clean," "Smooth as a baby's bottom" and "Peaches and cream" are all phrases most women would love to hear when others admire their skin. In this age of free-radicals, stress, lack of sleep and compromised eating habits, accomplishing that look can be a challenge. But, it doesn't need to be if you follow the basics.

Always clean your skin before bedtime. No matter how tired you are, just do it. The choices for cleansing are vast. Gel cleansers will give you a squeaky clean feel while creamy cleansers are more luxurious and great for dryer skin. Bar soaps are yet another alternative. Choose carefully based on your skin type, oily versus dry or combination.

Just cleansing is not enough. Don't forget to tone your skin. It's refreshing and completes the cleansing process by removing any excess residue and putting your skin back into the proper PH balance.

Use a cotton pad/ball soaked in toner to apply smoothing it gently in an upward direction and avoiding the eye area.

Store your toner in the refrigerator for an added boost of refreshment.

Use a gentle exfoliate on your face 2 to 3 nights each week.  Be certain the beads are soft so you don’t scratch the surface of the skin and apply in small circular motions with either your hands or a wash cloth.

The varieties of exfoliates or face scrubs are many including peach, pineapple, chamomile and oatmeal among others.  Be sure to take deep breaths and take full advantage of the pleasing scents.  It can be an added relaxing benefit.  After scrubbing, remove any excess product with cold water for an invigorating finish.

This exfoliating ritual will remove dead skin cells and prepare it to readily accept your moisturizer.

Once you vow to never go to sleep without first cleansing and practice it religiously, it will become as second nature as brushing your teeth.  After all, you don’t want to wake up with leftover make-up on your skin in the morning or worse yet, make-up stains on your pillowcases, do you?

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