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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • IPL PhotofacialIPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. IPL Photofacial aims to reduce fine lines, dark spots, acne, large open pores and treat other aging skin problems. It is used to treat Rosacea as well. The process is used to make skin tone even and reduce hyper-pigmentation.
  • 20 Minute Face Lift20 Minute Face Lift has received mixed reviews. While critics are a bit apprehensive about this product, there is a general consensus that this beauty product will help people achieve the look that they want, in the least time along with the least hassle. As the product’s name says, just ‘20 minutes’ – and you have a fresh, glowing face.
  • Wrinkle EssenceWho does not want to have smooth, supple and blemish-free skin? The manufacturers of Wrinkle Essence claim that their serum can help you achieve youthful skin. Developed by a Japanese company DHC, Wrinkle Essence is an anti-aging serum targeted at middle-aged women. The company has been in the skin care industry for over 20 years. Their specialty is olive oil-based cosmetics.
  • Eye And Wrinkle CreamToday we have a surge of creams and lotions in the market that claim to make you look younger. Eye and wrinkle creams are among the most popular, especially with women, and many of them do work, even if it is for short term. We must give due credit for all this to some breakthrough research done in the field of anti aging medicine.
  • OHT Peptide 3The latest craze in anti aging treatments is the use of peptides, and OHT Peptide 3 follows exactly this very trend.
  • Dermelect SerumDermelect Serum is a liquid anti wrinkle serum that promises to do what many other anti aging products promise – kill the wrinkles! But is it really capable of tackling this problem that women have been battling for centuries? Only time will tell…
  • BioCellaBioCella is a range of skincare products by L'Exquisite, a Canadian day spa for men and women. These beauty products are available for all skin types.