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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • Derma EDerma E has been a player in the skincare market for more than 20 years. The brand’s range of skin care includes facial care, body care, and anti-wrinkle and anti-aging solutions.
  • Aveda Anti AgingAveda Anti Aging provides its users with the very best in botanical skin care.
  • Derma WandThe Derma Wand anti-aging tool comes with additional skin care products. The website describes clearly how the tool is to be used. This tool along with a quality cleanser clears the skin of debris and dead-skin build up.
  • RejuvinolAre you searching for remedies that can recreate a youthful look for you without any damaging side-effects on your skin? Rejuvinol is a revolutionary product that can do wonders for your aging skin. It contains a unique nutrient rich formula that fights against the aging process by providing a balanced diet for your skin. Rejuvinol not only nourishes your skin but also tones and rehydrates it. After your skin attains its youthful firmness, Rejuvinol further protects from the damaging sunrays and environmental pollution.
  • ReversaReversa is manufactured by Dermtek Pharmaceuticals LTD, a Canada based company founded by Robert and Nicole Lavoie in 1986. The company claims to be the first wholly owned Canadian company to use emerging anti-aging technology. The company also claims to be the first one to use glycolic acid as the primary ingredient in its skin care products. Glycolic acid has been proven to stimulate skin exfoliation and promote skin cell regeneration. This leads to healthier and younger looking skin.
  • DermaglowAnti-wrinkle and anti-aging products are becoming increasingly popular. Today, both sexes are ready to spend money on beauty treatments that allow for a youthful, fresh look. Falling in the category of these beauty therapies are Dermaglow products whose claim to fame rests entirely on their ‘Botox alternative’ treatment. The idea of multiple injections is not looked upon favorably by all. To counter this, Dermaglow has launched creams to treat signs of ageing.
  • Klein BeckerKlein-Becker is the manufacturer of StriVectin anti wrinkle cream. StriVectin was first formulated as a cream for treating stretch marks. The story goes that tubes of this cream were distributed in the lab of Klein Becker and employees started using them taking the cream for regular moisturizer. In two weeks’ time many of the employees reported a visible reduction in the fine wrinkle lines present on the face. This prompted Klein Becker to manufacture their stretch mark cream as also an anti-wrinkle cream.