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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • FaitoxFaitox-25 is a recent cream with a key slogan “Lose wrinkles without the Botox”. Faitox-25 is promoted by a cosmetic company - Jabalabs LLC.
  • Lifestyle LiftSurgical processes are considered the best treatment for aging signs, especially sagging of skin. However, people generally shy away from these treatments due to the cost and risk involved. Lifestyle Life comes as a welcome alternative in the world of surgical facelifts. A comparatively easy and cost effective choice, Lifestyle Life has been providing people with anti aging solutions for the past 7 years.
  • LieracA premier name in the arena of anti-aging and skin care products, Lierac is a Paris based company that has been in business for well over three decades. The brain child of Dr. Cariel, the product range is created from natural materials. Each product is designed keeping in mind the problems that different skin types face. Some common problems that these products treat are stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite.
  • PRAI Beauty SerumsIn today’s time, everyone wants to look young, which has given a boost to the demand for anti ageing products in the market. PRAI Beauty is one such company that caters to this growing demand among men and women alike. The Company has appropriately named itself after a native plant, Prai root, which is a widely used ingredient in these products.
  • Kinerase CreamTopical application is the most common form of skin care regimen that’s followed by millions. A score of innovative approaches are available today to enhance the skin’s appearance. The interesting part however, is that in spite of the disadvantages of creams and advantages of the new skin care methods, creams still have a large crowd following. Kinerase cream has been in the market for quite some time. It is said to work against the visible signs of aging.
  • Edom Dead SeaEdom Dead Sea mineral anti-wrinkling cream Q10 is a unique face cream that contains all the natural benefits of salts found in Dead Sea. The company’s product contains the coenzyme Q10, and vitamins E and A that help in controlling the symptoms of aging. Edom Dead Sea’s anti wrinkling cream helps retain the moisture and elasticity of your skin while removing the visual signs of aging.
  • Janson BeckettJanson Beckett is a company based in Cerry Hill, New Jersey, that specializes in anti-aging skin care. The company has a 35-year heritage of product excellence and consumer safety. The company’s topical formulations provide a safe and effective program for repairing damaged skin, maintaining skin’s improved health and preventing future skin damage.