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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • CeratopicA product of SkinMedica, Ceratopic is a replenishing lotion for dry and itchy skin. It is marketed as a highly efficient antioxidant cream and has all its ingredients listed on its website.
  • CosmedicineA prominent product among the various cosmetic creams offered by Cosmedicine is the Hydra Healer Maximum Strength Moisture Cream.
  • Benedetta Eye CreamThe Benedetta Fresh Aromatherapeutic line of skincare was founded by Julia Faller. Benedetta is committed to providing the best skincare products using 100% organic ingredients.
  • FaitoxFaitox-25 is a recent cream with a key slogan “Lose wrinkles without the Botox”. Faitox-25 is promoted by a cosmetic company - Jabalabs LLC.
  • BorgheseBorghese skin care products bring Italian luxury right into your home to pamper your skin. A unique collection of cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturizers, face masks, hair care, body care and make-up products provide the user with ultimate results.
  • OxylightIf you’re looking for more than just an anti aging cream or anti wrinkle serum, try the Oxylight anti aging tool.
  • CellaDermThere are mixed views about CellaDerm anti-aging treatment, since it has used unconventional ingredients. Once there is substantial research to establish these ingredients’ role in anti-aging, CellaDerm sales is bound to soar.