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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • Klein BeckerKlein-Becker is the manufacturer of StriVectin anti wrinkle cream. StriVectin was first formulated as a cream for treating stretch marks. The story goes that tubes of this cream were distributed in the lab of Klein Becker and employees started using them taking the cream for regular moisturizer. In two weeks’ time many of the employees reported a visible reduction in the fine wrinkle lines present on the face. This prompted Klein Becker to manufacture their stretch mark cream as also an anti-wrinkle cream.
  • OrlaneOrlane is a line of anti aging products manufactured by a Paris based French company that was founded over six decades ago.
  • CeratopicA product of SkinMedica, Ceratopic is a replenishing lotion for dry and itchy skin. It is marketed as a highly efficient antioxidant cream and has all its ingredients listed on its website.
  • Antarctilyne Plump 3Antarctilyne Plump 3 is an anti wrinkle cream, formulated by an Australian company called Skin Doctors and is widely analyzed regarding its effectiveness.
  • iQ DermaiQ Derma was born out of the disappointment of its founder - Elizabeth Francis, who was dissatisfied with the existing skin care products. iQ Derma claim to have identified “the 7 invisible causes of aging skin” and have come up with “intelligent” ingredients that will address these causes. Their topical skin care treatments have high concentrations of these anti-aging ingredients.
  • Chantal EthocynComing from Chantal Pharmaceutical Corporation, Chantal Ethocyn claims to provide your skin with elastin fibers to make it look more youthful. This product is advertised as an effective skin care treatment, to reduce wrinkles and provide moisture to skin.
  • NeutoxNeutox is a well known skin care and anti-aging cream, which is promoted by the Inheritance Skincare and this product, provides multitudinous benefits. Neutox claims that it can effectively reduce aging of facial skin. The cream is emerging as a marketing competitor to Botox. The manufacturer claims that Neutox protects skin health by reducing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.