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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • RegeneristVarious anti-wrinkle products are available in the market today. Regenerist is the latest anti aging skin care range to be launched by Olay. This newly launched cosmetic range has received rave reviews from the critics for its quality and effectiveness. It has become popular among the consumers because of its beneficial results. If you feel baffled with the numerous anti wrinkle products available in the market, and don’t know which product to use, then try Regenerist.
  • La PrairieToday, both men and women are conscious of their looks. As a result the market is flooded with products that claim to help maintain the skin’s glow and health. La Prairie is one such cosmetic manufacturing unit that offers products which help fight signs of aging. These products impart nutrients to the skin required to keep it healthy and improve the overall countenance of the face by making use of cellular therapy.
  • Coryse SalomeInnovation is the key to promote a new product. This is well exemplified in the bludgeoning anti aging cream market. Coryse Salome claims its new range of cosmetic products is a RNA / DNA renaissance that provides “a complete, intensive beauty treatment to help slow down the visible appearance of aging”. However, in the absence of more details, it is difficult to ascertain as to how RNA and DNA “play a key role in cellular revival”.
  • Derma WandThe Derma Wand anti-aging tool comes with additional skin care products. The website describes clearly how the tool is to be used. This tool along with a quality cleanser clears the skin of debris and dead-skin build up.
  • Youth FactorYouth Factor is an anti-aging treatment that contains mostly herbal extracts. The official website of Youth Factor does not shed light on the development of the treatment. It claims to be “designed by one of America's leading skincare formulators”.
  • Dermatox-SCHas Botox lately been much on your mind? Are you more worried about its after effects? A skin serum that can be applied at your convenience in your own inner sanctum is precisely what Dermatox-SC is and perhaps instead of Botox, the answer to your worries.
  • Chantal EthocynComing from Chantal Pharmaceutical Corporation, Chantal Ethocyn claims to provide your skin with elastin fibers to make it look more youthful. This product is advertised as an effective skin care treatment, to reduce wrinkles and provide moisture to skin.