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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • OHT Peptide 3The latest craze in anti aging treatments is the use of peptides, and OHT Peptide 3 follows exactly this very trend.
  • L'Oreal Collagen FillerAs the name suggests, L'Oreal Collagen Filler is an anti-wrinkle cream that claims to fill up and smoothen out the wrinkles. The anti-aging products of L’Oreal are offered online or can be purchased in most of the reputed drugstores and beauty product shops.
  • Dremu OilDremu oil is a product by Dremu skin care. The product is a combination of modern science and the benefits of ancient wisdom. It is based on the benefits of emu oil, as used by the aborigines of Australia since long. The company employs modern technology to produce odor-free, triple refined, pure emu oil. The oil helps to remove the wrinkles caused by Botox.
  • BellaplexAnti-wrinkle creams are always in great demand everywhere. Bellaplex is one such anti-wrinkle cream developed by the Urban Nutrition, LLC, a U.K. based company. The company claims that the product is a “Botox alternative”.
  • iQ DermaiQ Derma was born out of the disappointment of its founder - Elizabeth Francis, who was dissatisfied with the existing skin care products. iQ Derma claim to have identified “the 7 invisible causes of aging skin” and have come up with “intelligent” ingredients that will address these causes. Their topical skin care treatments have high concentrations of these anti-aging ingredients.
  • AminoGenesisIf you are looking for an anti-aging cream or serum, you are likely to come across a wide range of products. AminoGenesis is one such product.
  • Wrinkle RaidersWrinkle Raiders is an anti-aging moisturizing serum. It is manufactured by Herbal Luxuries. The company has a wide range of products in different categories that include skin care, hair care and aromatherapy. Wrinkle Raiders aims to rejuvenate the skin. It is claimed that the product can reduce wrinkles, sagging, age spots and fine lines on the face.