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Skin Care Product Reviews


  • Anti Wrinkle Expert CapsuleThe Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsule is an anti wrinkle treatment with a difference.
  • Klein BeckerKlein-Becker is the manufacturer of StriVectin anti wrinkle cream. StriVectin was first formulated as a cream for treating stretch marks. The story goes that tubes of this cream were distributed in the lab of Klein Becker and employees started using them taking the cream for regular moisturizer. In two weeks’ time many of the employees reported a visible reduction in the fine wrinkle lines present on the face. This prompted Klein Becker to manufacture their stretch mark cream as also an anti-wrinkle cream.
  • Andrea Wrinkle Eye CreamAndrea Wrinkle Eye Cream is an anti wrinkle treatment that can be found available with several online retailers.
  • CosmolaraIn a bid to outdo each other, cosmetic manufacturers are searching for new mantras to attract customers. Now you have a company that is blending modern research and ancient wisdom in anti aging formulations.
  • ProvectinLike other anti wrinkle treatments ProVectin is an anti aging cream which is widely analyzed regarding its pros and cons.
  • HydrodermHydroderm claims to be the one and only anti wrinkle cream that contains whole collagen molecules. (The other anti aging creams contain partial, crushed collagen molecules.) This product is the company’s first product researched in their own labs.
  • ProPLEXINProPLEXIN-CR is an anti ageing cream that has been widely analyzed regarding its effectiveness.