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20 Minute Face Lift: Review & Comparison

20 Minute Face Lift has received mixed reviews. While critics are a bit apprehensive about this product, there is a general consensus that this beauty product will help people achieve the look that they want, in the least time along with the least hassle.  As the product’s name says, just ‘20 minutes’ – and you have a fresh, glowing face.


Among its many features , the beauty product 20 Minute Face Lift maintains that it can reduce skin wrinkles and enhance your skin color, and lessen acne scarring. With a bi-weekly treatment of just 20 minutes, you can achieve a toned face- a youthful look.

This product has also been compared to the more popular Botox. And it has been found that the 20 Minute Face Lift is safer and more cost effective than Botox. Moreover, it claims to be useful  for both men and women.

Product Details

Most of the ingredients used in 20 Minute Face Lift gently work on the face to fight the early signs of aging. The product contains collagen, the elastic substance that keeps our skin firm and toned. Another ingredient, hydrolyzed elastin, works with the collagen and helps to make the skin wrinkle free. The green tea in this product provides many benefits through its anti-oxidant properties. Healthy vitamins are also an important constituent  of the 20 Minute Face Lift.

What’s Positive

20 Minute Face Lift is just great for the price it comes for  - at $50 a bottle, anyone can afford it. Moreover, there is a money-back guarantee for the dissatisfied  customers as well.

The collagen and hydrolyzed elastin that constitute the product have been scientifically proven to reduce aging effects on the skin.

What’s Negative

Though 20 Minute Face Lift claims to be a scenically proven formula, there are no studies to confirm its efficiency. Moreover, the free trial offer leads one to think of it as a publicity gimmick to sell more beauty products by the same manufacturing company.

The ordering procedure also seems dubious as there is no photo of the product and no listings of websites that recommend it.

Final Analysis

While the product looks ‘promising’ because of its ingredients, the lack of scientific evidence of its efficacy and its hassling ordering procedures are pointers that go against it. The promise of immediate results seems a little weak. You need to look before you leap and reach out for this product.