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Abyssine Cream - A Review: Review & Comparison

The Abyssine cream is formulated and marketed by a well reputed brand- Kiehl’s. This brand has been in existence for the past 150 years, enhancing the much required experience and trust for all its products.


One of its products, the Abyssine cream, is specially formulated to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also claims to protect the skin from free radical damage.
The Abyssine cream, in addition to the cream formulation, also has an added line of products such as lotion, eye cream and serum. All these products are made from the same unusual ingredients that the Abyssine cream is composed of. There is also another option available wherein the individual can buy an Abyssine cream product with SPF for day time wear. This product is mainly aimed to protect the skin against the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Product Details

The key ingredients of Abyssine cream are Abyssine 657, Coralline extract and Apricot kernel oil. The first ingredient is a ‘naturally derived survival molecule’ that is found in hypothermal vents and helps soothe and protect the skin. The second ingredient is the extract of a red coral that is rich in minerals. It reinforces the moisture content of the skin and keeps the skin hydrated. The third ingredient is apricot oil which helps the skin retain its clarity and makes it supple.
Besides the above mentioned ingredients, the Abyssine cream also has a few antioxidants that help keep free radical damage at bay. The overall result is a more youthful, attractive and glowing skin.

What’s Positive

Abyssine cream is a Kiehl’s product. This means that it has the backing of a company which enjoys an excellent reputation and many years of experience in the field of skin care products.
Besides the above, this cream also has SPF content that helps protect the skin from any radical damage.
The pricing of the product is reasonable and even the smallest of packages would last you for a long time.

What’s Negative

Free trial samples are not available.
Collagen, a key anti-aging product, is not present in Abyssine cream.
The return policies of the product are not completely clear.
Besides all of the above, the website of the product does not show any comparative studies or testimonials regarding the anti-aging cream.

Bottom Line

Abyssine cream is a moderately priced moisturizer that can provide skin protection to some extent. It can also help protect one against free radicals, thus proving to be an effective anti-aging cream. However, if a positive track record of the cream is made available, it would help the clients understand its utility better.