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Actifirm: Review & Comparison

If you are looking for an anti-aging treatment, you will have numerous products to choose from. One such anti-aging product line is Actifirm. It has a unique packaging- the containers are shaped like syringes which, according to the company, assist in the proper measurement of the quantity to be applied on the skin.


Actifirm skin products are frequently sold at medical spas. These spas offer programs that are supervised by licensed doctors and nursing practitioners. The product is quite expensive with its skin care regimen kit costing as much as $300. One can purchase the product from the official website. However, at the company’s website, the customer is directed to an online retailer who completes the transaction.

Product Details

The Actifirm skin care regimen kit comprises of six products. It includes a cleanser, a sunscreen and a peel to be used in the morning, as well as a cleanser, serum and cream to be used in the evening. The peel contains Actizyme, an enzyme derived from mushroom. The company has patented this enzyme. The company claims that it uses only natural ingredients, which revitalize the skin, reduces wrinkles and brings fresh skin to the surface through exfoliation. Some of the ingredients include algae extract, gotu kola, aloe, rosemary, Echinacea, and the essence of Japanese green tea.

What’s Positive

Actifirm has an official website, which is user-friendly.
Medical practitioners approve its use in medical spas.
The official website lists all the ingredients used in the product line.
The products use natural ingredients.
They are designed to suit even people with sensitive skin.

What’s Negative

Actifirm is expensive.
It does not have a money-back guarantee.
The products come in small packages thus the customer will have to purchase the products quite a few times every month.
The skin care regimen involves following an elaborate process every day.
Though the company puts considerable emphasis on the presence of Actizyme in its formula, it appears halfway through in its list of ingredients.

Bottom Line

You will have to be disciplined to devote time every morning and evening to follow the skin care regimen. This may put off some customers. The high price of Actifirm and the lack of a refund policy may act as deterrents for first time customers. However, Actifirm is a high-end skin care product and its target customers probably will not mind spending a bit extra for their beauty regimen.