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Review Of Affirm Laser Treatment: Review & Comparison

Affirm laser treatment is especially formulated for those who are tired of using various ineffective treatments for the removal of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.


The treatment comprises of the Combined Apex Plus 1440nm technology and promises positive results. Regular treatment helps rejuvenate the skin and effectively reduce wrinkles and acne scars.
The laser treatment is performed at a doctor’s clinic and all it takes is a few short sessions to get the desired results. Various clients have responded extremely well to the treatment of scars and stretch marks. And besides, there is no recovery time and the procedure is totally painless.
Affirm laser treatment would only require 3-6 sittings over a couple of months and the results would start showing from the 2nd sitting onwards or depending on the degree of the skin problem. The patient can resume work from the very next day and the only precaution that he would have to take would be to apply a sunscreen lotion of 30 SPF over the next few days.

Product Details

The Affirm Laser Treatment is performed by applying a huge number of laser pixels on the skin. This process creates a ‘micro-thermal treatment zone’ around the treated area. The rest of the skin does not get affected by the laser treatment. The laser pixels help increase the growth of collagen which in turn helps the skin look younger and wrinkle free.
The treatment can be done on the hands, neck, face, arms and even the chest areas. The total cost of the Affirm Laser Treatment is not totally clear, but the complete series of sessions could cost you anywhere between $2000 and $2500.

What’s Positive

There are many who claim that this treatment is extremely effective.
It has minimal side-effects as opposed to the conventional cosmetic surgeries.
The treatment stimulates the growth of collagen which plays a big role in delaying the aging process.

What’s Negative

The patient would have to undergo a few sessions before the desired results can be seen.
While there might not be serious side-effects, certain individuals have experienced redness and warmth in the treated area.
The treatment is expensive. This is a major setback for those who would want to go ahead with this anti-aging treatment but are with limited pockets.

Bottom Line

The Affirm Laser Treatment is an effective way to get rid of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars and that too in a short time period with almost no pain. The only drawbacks are the inconvenience of regularly visiting the doctor and the involved cost.
All in all, if the patient can afford to pay for it, the Affirm Laser Treatment can actually do wonders for the skin and make it look more youthful and attractive.