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AlphaMax: Review & Comparison

Alphamax is an anti-aging product developed by two dermatologists based in Beverly Hills, Jeffrey Marmelzat and Richard Salit.


They used to carry out facial peels on celebrities. They soon became conscious of the fact that there was a need for good facial peels in the market that would help in reducing the effects of aging and could be used at home or while traveling. They set about creating a product to meet these needs and thus developed Alphamax. Jeffrey Marmelzat and Richard Salit now work in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Skincare (IAS). IAS oversees the distribution of Alphamax. As per the company the product is manufactured using the ingredients of the best quality. The company claims that using the product will result in smooth, glowing and healthy skin, an improved skin tone, fewer wrinkles and reduction in the blemishes caused by exposure to the sun.

Product Details

For a complete anti-aging treatment, the company recommends the combined use of its three products - the AlphaMax Weekly Instensive Exfoliator Pads, AlphaMax Antioxidant Moisturizer, and AlphaMax Daily Renewal Lotion with AHA-SPF15. The AlphaMax Weekly Intensive Exfoliator Pads should be used once a week. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids that remove the dead skin cells to bring out the young skin hidden beneath. The AlphaMax Antioxidant Moisturizer is to be used every night. It contains plant extracts and anti-oxidants. The moisturizer stimulates the production of collagen. AlphaMax Daily Renewal Lotion with AHA-SPF15 is to be used daily in the morning. It contains plant extracts and vitamins in combination with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It helps in rejuvenating of the skin. It also contains a sunscreen.

What’s Positive

The official website of the product has been well designed and is easy to navigate.
The product is affordable at $38 for a pack of the three products. The products can also be purchase individually.

What’s Negative

All the ingredients of the product are not listed on the website.
There are not many testimonials to back the claims.
The customers are likely to face some side effects that occur from using face peels, namely a stinging sensation and redness of the skin.

Bottom Line

When you think of an anti-wrinkle or anti-aging treatment, you are likely to imagine a cream, lotion or serum and not a facial peel. The product probably works well as a quick fix for an important occasion. Since it is fairly low-priced, customers may be willing to give it a try.