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Amatokin: Review & Comparison

Amatokin is a skin care product developed and distributed by Voss Laboratories. As per the company, the product reduces the fine lines, wrinkles and facial blemishes that occur due to exposure to the sun. They claim that it also rejuvenates the skin by using the stem-cell technology.

Product Details

The product apparently acts as a catalyst to regenerate skin cells thus resulting in youthful skin. Apparently more and more companies are venturing into production of skin care products using the stem cell technology. As per the company, the formula for Amatokin was created in a top-secret laboratory in Russia. The formula was originally developed to heal the skin of burn victims.
The official website of the company has considerable information about the products, stem-cell technology, media coverage and a few testimonials. Further product knowledge and testimonials can be got from third party websites. One can purchase Amatokin either from the official website or from third party websites. The product has received both positive and negative reviews.
The Amatokin skin care line comprises of three products- Emulsion for the Face, Eye Cream and Intensive Skin-Rejuvenation Serum. The products are quite expensive. The prices range from $109.00 for .5 oz of the eye cream to $230.00 for a 1 oz. bottle of the rejuvenating serum. The main ingredients in the products are Polypeptide #153 and certain enzymes.

What’s Positive

The manufacturer of the product has an official website.
Amatokin can be purchased from the official website of the company.
The company has package deals for bulk purchases.

What’s Negative

Amatokin is quite expensive.
There are no free trials or samples to encourage customers to try the product. No money-back guarantees are available either.
The customer reviews in third party sites include approximately equal number of positive and negative comments.
The concept of using stem cells may put off some people.
Detailed information regarding the product is not given on the official website.
Adequate information about the company is also not provided.

Bottom Line

One of the factors that could induce people to buy the product is the fact that the treatment has been successfully used to heal the skin of burn victims. However, when you consider that there are an equal number of positive and negative reviews, it is likely that you will feel a bit apprehensive before spending so much. If a refund policy or money back guarantee was available for unsatisfied customers, more people would be willing to try out this product.