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Amelan: Review & Comparison

Anti-aging treatments moisturize the skin, make it supple and protect it from the ravages of the sun. Such creams are always in great demand especially if they are affordable and effective. Amelan is one such anti-aging treatment.


Amelan has been manufactured by a UK based skin care company. It seeks to address the aging of the skin, which occurs as a result of being out in the sun for extended periods. It is a clinic and home-based treatment for hyper-pigmentation. As per the company, regular exposure to the sun may result in sunspots and discoloration of the skin. Amelan can be used to treat the same. The company claims that the product’s effectiveness will be visible within a week.

Amelan has an official website. However, it is difficult to navigate the same, probably because it is still under construction. Consequently, it is challenging to find information about the product and understand the procedure to order it. The website, however, does provide details about the company, the research and studies conducted to develop and test the product. It also provides information about the media coverage and the links of its distributors. No testimonials are given in the website. The prices of the products are mentioned in Pounds. When converted into US Dollars they work out to be approximately $10 to $50.


Product Details

The treatment pack of Amelan comprises of a face pack that is to be applied at the clinic and other products that meant for home treatment. The product line is extensive including several lotions, creams and other body products. Though all the ingredients used in their respective products are not mentioned, some of them are Kojic Acid, Arbutine, Retinyl Palmitate, Phytic Acid, Titanium Dioxide and Ascorbic Acid.

What's Positive

•    The official website of Amelan gives the background of the company and its products. It also provides links to its distributors.
•    The product is reasonable priced.
•    It provides a point of contact for addressing consumer’s queries.

What's Negative

•    Amelan cannot be purchased from the official website.
•    The treatment comprises of visits to the product clinic in the UK.
•    It treats only one dimension of aging- hyper-pigmentation rather than wrinkles.
•    Money-back guarantees for unsatisfied customers or free trials are not available.
•    No testimonials are given on the website.


Amelan appears to be designed to only protect the consumers from the harmful effects of the sun. It does not seem to address concerns such as wrinkles, loss of moisture content, and others. Using the product, may not be a good option for people who do not live in or are not likely to visit the UK. If you do live in the UK, visit the clinic and enquire about all the ingredients in the products.