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Antarctilyne Plump 3: Review & Comparison

Antarctilyne Plump 3 is an anti wrinkle cream, formulated by an Australian company called Skin Doctors and is widely analyzed regarding its effectiveness.


Skin Doctors has improvised on the original Antarctilyne formula to make Antarctilyne Plump 3, the new Triple Action Skin Plumper which has a new active ingredient that claims to boost collagen production in the skin.
Collagen is the substance that gives young skin its elasticity and firmness. Collagen is naturally present in our skin but gets depleted as we grow older. As a result, our skin loses its elasticity and forms wrinkles. Research has shown that by replenishing collagen in our skin, we can keep the problems of ageing at bay.
Antarctilyne Plump 3 is claimed to visibly increase the levels of collagen in the skin by boosting its production and prevents further collagen degeneration. It also claims that it can plump or ‘fill out’ wrinkles and reduce their appearance by 35% in 30 days.
Antarctilyne Plump3 works in 3 ways to help plump the skin:
It boosts collagen for firmer skin
Keeps collagen content in the skin uniform to make it smooth.
Prevents collagen from degenerating over time for a long term effect.
It also intensely hydrates the skin to prevent premature ageing.

Product Details

The official website provides the entire list of ingredient for Antarctilyne Plump 3. The new active ingredient is trylagen, which is more effective at increasing collagen production than the glycoprotein antarticine present in the original Antarctilyne formula. Trylagen is made up of active peptides and proteins that replenish the collagen in ageing skin and has been known to reverse the effects of ageing.
The Antarctilyne Plump 3 cream is to be applied to the face twice daily in the morning and night. The website cautions about some possible skin irritation, so the user is advised to test the cream on a small area for 24 hours before using on the entire face. Antarctilyne Plump 3 cannot be purchased from the Skin Doctors website, which gives a list of its worldwide distributors. Also, the product can be ordered online from a number of Internet retailers.

What’s Positive

Trylagen is the main ingredient of Antarctilyne Plump 3 which is known to boost collagen production. The company’s website provides extensive details regarding the product and its ingredients.

What’s Negative

The website does not feature customer testimonials and scientific studies to support the product’s effectiveness. Some ingredients may cause skin irritations. Proven anti wrinkle agents like argireline or Matrixyl are absent.

Bottom Line

Antarctilyne Plump 3 cream appears to be an effective anti ageing product. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should check out other anti wrinkle creams which are milder.