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Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsule: Review & Comparison

The Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsule is an anti wrinkle treatment with a difference.


The Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsule is an anti wrinkle product that stands out. It is not a cream, it is not even a serum – it is a capsule. It looks like a magic pill to achieve youthful skin. Only, not quite!
The Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsule is not a pill to be ingested orally. This capsule has to be broken open and the liquid within the capsule is meant to be applied on the wrinkles, to smoothen them away. This liquid promotes the natural production of collagen.
Cozy Cosmetics Corporation is a cosmetics company from Korea that manufactures these Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsules. It’s hard to find much information about the company apart from the fact that it primarily manufactures skin care products.

Product Details

The Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsules are supposed to work by diminishing deep-set wrinkles and also provide protection for sun-damaged skin.
The anti aging capsule is to be used at night, and the company hopes to make it a part of the daily skin care regime of many users. The company also recommends that the Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsules be used together with their Anti Wrinkle Expert Eye Cream for best results.
A great amount of details about the product are hard to come by. Customer reviews and testimonials were also not very easily available. So without all this, it is hard to judge the effectiveness of the product.
The Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsule uses retinol as a primary ingredient, which reduces and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and repairs sun-damaged skin. This makes the skin smoother and younger. However, studies have shown that the product is not suitable for sensitive skin.
Primrose oil is an ingredient which helps maintain moisture content. Propylparaben, another ingredient has beneficial antibacterial properties.

What’s Positive

Retinol is known as great ingredient for fighting against signs of aging.
The capsules ensure that exactly the same amount of liquid is applied every day.

What’s Negative

It is difficult to find the product.
Some users may be allergic to retinol.
Propylparaben can cause skin irritation for some users.

Bottom Line

The Anti Wrinkle Expert Capsule is a trendsetter in anti wrinkle treatments. Further reviews and testimonials will prove the effectiveness of the product.