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Argireline: Review & Comparison

Argireline is one of the most popularly used ingredients in anti aging products today.


Acetyl Hexapeptide-3/8 is better known by its trade name Argireline. It is an ingredient that is found in several anti aging products these days. Argireline is a peptide complex as well as a protein derivative.
Argireline was first developed and marketed by Spain-based cosmetic company, Lipotec. Argireline is a trademarked product and considering the popularity of this peptide complex, it is little wonder that Lipotec vigorously holds on to its patent rights.
Argireline was first introduced for use in cosmetic skin care products alone, but as is widely known now, almost all leading anti-wrinkle product manufacturers, use it as a key ingredient. In fact, even consumers are aware of the effectiveness of Argireline and some only purchase a product if Argireline is included on the ingredient list.

Product Details

The Lipotec website says that the development and marketing of Argireline was specifically to act as a cosmetic and pain free alternative to Botulinum Toxin A (Botox).
As an ingredient that works well in fighting wrinkles, Argireline works biologically on cells by imitating and destabilizing the SNAP receptor complex, which is essential for proper muscle contraction. An excessive build up of catecholamine is known to cause wrinkles, and Argireline acts by slowing down its release.
In fact studies have shown that repeated application of an Argireline solution (5-10% concentration of Argierline) over 15-30 day period results in reduced wrinkles.
Lipotec sells Argireline in its raw form as a powder as well as a solution. This is then used as an ingredient in various anti aging creams and anti wrinkle sera. Argireline is not available to the consumer in a raw form and is only meant for commercial use.
Argireline based products are increasing in number and in popularity, and although intended to be an alternative to surgery, many use Argireline-based products as a complementary product after invasive surgical treatment.

What’s Positive

It is a non-invasive alternative to Botox
It helps to reduce wrinkles
Clincal tests have proven its effectiveness

What’s Negative

Cannot be purchased by the consumer. It is for sale only as a commercial product
A too-low or too-high concentration of Argireline in solution form may not be effective

Bottom Line

Argireline is without a doubt one of the most popular ingredients in anti aging products these days. In fact even consumers look for Argireline-based products these days, and some even use it to complement anti aging surgical procedures.