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Arovita Fluid: Review & Comparison

The Arovita Fluid is an anti aging product designed by the famous Darphin brand.


Parisian beauty and skin care company, Darphin was founded in 1958 and is one of the longest surviving beauty institutes. This internationally recognized beauty and skin care institute was founded by Pierre Darphin. The son of a hairdresser, Darphin learned about beauty at a young age itself and it is said the values he learned from his mother are the key to the development of beauty care products by Darphin.
The Darphin Institute aims to provide its users with a comprehensive skin care package and therefore tries to provide each customer, a fully customized skin care routine based on each individual skin type. The Darphin motto is "Repair, Restore, Replenish" and it intends to do exactly that with each of its products.
The Arovita Fluid is one of the many products developed by Darphin and hopes to provide its users an anti aging solution like none other.

Product Details

The Darphin Arovita Fluid has been developed to suit women with any kind of skin, and works best when used in conjunction with other products from the Darphin Family. The Arovita Fluid works by boosting natural collagen production within the skin and naturally hydrates the skin as well.
Darphin claims to provide "3-D Skin Care" and the Arovita Fluid does just that with proper usage, resulting in radiant skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines. The Arovita Fluid also protects the skin from everyday damage that is caused by environmental factors like the uv rays of the sun.
The Arovita Fluid has active ingredients such as Artemia Salina Extract, Carrot Extract, Oligopeptide, Caffeine, Noni Extract and Vitamins C and E. However more detailed lists are hard to find.
The Darphin website gives detailed application instructions with diagrams, saying that the Arovita Fluid should be applied in an upward massaging motion, very gently, on the face as well as the neck. It also provides a list of products it works well with.

What’s Positive

The Arovita Fluid can be bought directly from the official website.
Two peptide complexes are used as active ingredients, which help boost natural collagen production.
The website gives detailed descriptions of the product and why it should be used, as well as application instructions.

What’s Negative

There is no detailed ingredient list for the Arovita Fluid.
The anti aging product is expensive with a 50ml bottle costing $110.

Bottom Line

As a product from the house of Darphin, the Arovita Fluid could be a great anti aging solution, but a slightly more detailed ingredient list could help consumers.