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Artefill: Review & Comparison

As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin which are naturally present in our body. Thus fine lines and wrinkles form. By replenishing the lost collagen we can improve the skin texture. Several anti wrinkle creams and injections are manufactured for this purpose. Artefill is an FDA approved wrinkle filling product that is injected into the face by a physician or a trained and certified lab /spa attendant.


Manufacturers of Artefill claim that the product and procedure are completely safe and effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The user can get positive results in just one or two sittings.
The company maintains a very informative website about Artefill and claims that it is a clinically studied and tested product. The Artefill website has videos to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment, pictures that do show a very remarkable difference after 6 months to a year of treatments with Artefill and a small FAQ section.
The website also helps to find a doctor or someone else certified in your area that provide Artefill treatment. The website has testimonials of doctors and patients who are satisfied with Artefill. One can also view press releases and news coverage of the product.
However, the website does not provide any information about the cost of the Artefill treatment. Also its cost varies in different clinics. Interested clients will need to research different locations to find the best deal.

Product Details

The Artefill website gives an overall idea of how the Artefill treatment works but does not offer much information regarding the ingredients of the product. However, it is stated that the product uses the active ingredients bovine collagen and something called PMMA Microspheres. Artefill is injected into the problem areas of the face like smile lines and wrinkles. Artefill is claimed to have dual-action because it not only smoothes out the wrinkles, it also continues to support the skin and correct fine lines over time. The manufacturers claim that Artefill does not get absorbed into the body like most other wrinkle fillers. Hence, it has a much longer lifespan which in turn means fewer treatment sessions.

What’s Positive

Artefill is a clinically tested and FDA approved product. It claims that only a few sittings can reduce and smooth wrinkles visibly. The official Artefill website is very informative.

What’s Negative

The website, though informative, gives no information about the cost of Artefill treatment.

Bottom Line

Though Artefill claims to be completely safe, the treatment is more invasive than using a topical anti wrinkle cream. You should definitely find out about its side effects from a doctor, beforehand.