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Atzen: Review & Comparison

Atzen Biologique Skin Balancing range of products which claim to treat aging skin is being scrutinized regarding their effectiveness.


Atzen is a French skin care company which combines French science and natural ingredients in their products. They have a variety of products which fall into four categories of skin treatments called Biologique Skin Balancing, Intensite Skin Renewal, Purfiante Skin Purifying and Preventive Sun Care. Atzen has its own spas where its skin care products are used. For home use you can buy their products via their website. However, the website does not offer much information on the complete ingredients of the products.

Product Details

Under the Atzen Biologique Skin Balancing line there are a wide range of face and body care products - cleansers, exfoliating grains, facial masks, eye and lip emulsion, day cream, night cream, neck cream, body massage lotions, body firming and contour gel, hair and scalp cleansers and conditioners and many more.
Atzen claims that these skin care products aim at treating aging skin problems like dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, crow’s feet and sun damage.
Atzen Biologique Skin Balancing products supposedly contain anti-aging components, vitamins, biological extracts, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), minerals and natural botanicals that work to hydrate and balance skin tone. Alpha hydroxy acids helps to effectively exfoliate the skin, which leads to a smoother complexion and reduction of fine lines. Vitamin C which is present in these products is a powerful antioxidant and a good skin hydrator. However, neither alpha hydroxy acids nor vitamin C are good anti wrinkle agents.
The complete list of ingredients of each individual product is not specifically listed on the Atzen website. Hence, it is difficult to gauge whether any ingredient causes allergies. Also there is no specific information as to what clinically proven anti wrinkle ingredients like Argireline and or Matrixyl are included in these products to support the company’s tall claims about their effectiveness.

What’s Positive

Atzen Biologique Skin Balancing products can be purchased online and are easily found in Atzen spas. These products contain natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

What’s Negative

The complete list of ingredients used in the Atzen Biologique Skin Balancing products, is not provided on the website. Also the ingredients do not show the presence of clinically proven anti wrinkle agents. The website has neither customer testimonials nor mentions any money back guarantee.

Bottom Line

Though the Atzen Biologique Skin Balancing products have natural ingredients, more information about their ingredients is necessary to gauge their effectiveness. To get value for money you should check out other anti wrinkle products which are more explicit about their ingredients.