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B. Kamins Therapeutic Anti Aging Moisturizer: Review & Comparison

B. Kamins Therapeutic anti aging moisturizer is inspired by Mother Nature. The founder of this product, Ben Kamins claims that he got the inspiration to launch a range of skin care products from the fact that in Canada, only the Maple tree leaves survive the harsh winter.


On further research he found out that the serum found in Maple trees consists of antioxidants, polysaccharides, minerals and many other compounds which make a perfect base for skin care products. The three major components of the B. Kamins therapeutic anti aging moisturizer are Bio maple, Episphere blue and profusion ceramide. The product also contains copper, zinc and alpha Lipoic acid. Together they work at making the skin moisturized, plumped up, smooth and thus lead to reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Product Details

To rejuvenate and revive fatigued and aged skin, the B. Kamins therapeutic anti aging moisturizer claims to be very effective. It is designed to suit even sensitive skin types as well as menopausal skin. Apart from keeping the skin moisturized, this emulsion helps reduce the appearance of brown spots and aging lines. It also promotes elasticity of the skin. All this gives a fresh and more youthful look to the skin. This product can be ordered online.

What’s Positive

Made with natural ingredients, it boasts of innovative technology used in skin care.
The B. Kamins therapeutic anti aging moisturizer is non-toxic.
Maple tree serum contains ingredients which are found to be very beneficial for the skin. Use of this serum makes this product unique and may actually be quite effective.
It is useful in softening and reducing fine lines, brown spots and sagging skin.
It is available online, hence can be easily ordered on the internet.
The website provides contact links to users, in case of any queries.

What’s Negative

The B. Kamins therapeutic anti aging moisturizer costs around $135 for a 1 oz bottle, which is quite costly.
No standard tests have been mentioned as having been carried out to prove its effectiveness.
No free gift or money offer is made on purchase of this product.
This product does not give SPF protection.

Bottom Line

Due to its unique technology, the B. Kamins therapeutic anti aging moisturizer may help in reducing aging lines and make the skin look younger. The powerful anti wrinkle and anti oxidant ingredients of this product has been found to actually provide a lifting effect in the skin. The Maple tree serum is found to be very good for skin and rich in anti aging agents. However, B. Kamins therapeutic anti aging moisturizer is a bit expensive and there is no clinical proof that it is actually that effective as it claims to be.