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Babor: Review & Comparison

Babor is a cosmetic company that was set up by Dr. Michael Babor about 50 years ago. The company focuses on making skin care products for women of all ages.


All the products available are made using natural plant ingredients combined with the latest technology. They have recently launched a new product called Babor Wrinkle Filler. The cream is marketed as an alternative to cosmetic surgery or collagen injections.

Product Details

The main ingredient in Babor Wrinkle Filler is hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturally present in our skin, but gets depleted as we age. In Babor Wrinkle Filler, the acid molecules are frozen to a third of their size, which help it go to the deepest layer of the skin. Once the molecules attach themselves to the skin, they expand and push out the tissue below the wrinkle. That is how the lines on the face get smoothened.
Apart from hyaluronic acid, Babor Wrinkle Filler also contains vitamins, amino acids and polysaccharides - all of this together help to nourish and strengthen skin. With an application time of an hour, the effects of the cream last for the whole day.

What’s Positive

With all the ingredients in it, regular use could rejuvenate your skin leaving it looking glowing and healthy.
It is suitable for all kinds of skin.
Because of its smooth look, it could also be used as a make-up base.
There is no need for reapplication during the day.

What’s Negative

Babor Wrinkle Filler is priced at $60. While it is not the most expensive cream available, it might be out of budget for some people.
There is no money back guarantee.
The instructions provided are a little vague.
The time used for application (one hour) could be too long if you are in a hurry.

Bottom Line

On the whole, with its innovative technology, the promise of Babor Wrinkle Filler does sound good. Though the price might be a bit steep for some, the cream does seem to offer several benefits. The only disadvantage is that there is no form of guarantee that comes with the purchase. But if you don't have too much of a problem with that, then Babor Wrinkle Filler is worth a try.