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Benev Instant Lifting Serum: Review & Comparison

Benev Company Inc. is based in California. It provides high quality products. Benev produces pharmaceuticals, functional cosmetics and dietary supplements.


The philosophy of the company is to bring consumers pure and holistic products that are a blend of high performance ingredients and cutting edge technology. Benev products do not contain synthetic chemicals, preservatives or fragrances. The dietary supplements available focus on weight loss. The pharmaceutical products are aimed at combating hair loss. The cosmetic products available are exfoliators, moisturizers, sun protection creams, cleansers, and skin rejuvenation kits. Benev Instant Lifting Serum is found under the category of corrective products.

Product Details

Benev Instant Lifting Serum is marketed as a more effective replacement for Dermalift, another Benev product. The main ingredient of Instant Lifting Serum is the amino-acid peptide Argireline. This peptide is patented and was developed in Barcelona. It has been proven to lift and tighten the skin, giving Botox-like effects. The anti-aging serum also contains Marine Biopolymer, an ingredient that is used in Eastern medicines. Marine biopolymer helps the skin become satiny smooth.
Benev Instant Lifting Serum, when used with a moisturizer, helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines by as much as 20%. The Serum also increases skin hydration up to 130% in an hour and skin firmness by 25%.

What’s Positive

Benev Instant Lifting Serum has Argireline which relaxes facial muscles.
The Benev website gives you the names of skincare professionals you could contact in order to buy the Serum.
Additional products are recommended for maximum effectiveness of the Instant Lifting Serum.

What’s Negative

Benev Instant Lifting Serum is only available through cosmetic surgeons and other skin care professionals.
As with most products bought from physicians, it is quite expensive.
The website had no testimonials or scientific data to prove their claims.
There is no guarantee offered.

Bottom Line

Though Benev Instant Lifting Serum has Argireline, it does not have other anti-aging properties like Collagen or Matrixyl 3000. Also, getting the Serum is not easy as you can only get it through qualified skincare professionals. At about $99 for 15 ml, it is also expensive. There are many over-the-counter anti-aging serums which have more effective ingredients. They are also more easily available at cheaper prices and come with some sort of guarantee.