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Billy Jealousy About Face: Review & Comparison

Billy Jealousy About Face anti aging serum claims to give men a younger look by reducing wrinkles, fine lines as well skin discoloration.


Billy Jealousy About Face is advertised as a skin rejuvenation treatment. It claims to help in minimizing skin sagging and increase collagen production. The company claims that this product is best for removing dead and dull skin. The serum works at giving you a younger and more handsome face. The anti aging serum also helps in effective removal of scars.

Generally anti-wrinkle creams or serums manufacturing companies target women. Billy Jealousy About Face anti aging serum however, targets metrosexual men who are eager to look young.

Product Details

The main ingredient of Billy Jealousy About Face anti aging product is glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid which is commonly known as AHAs. AHAs are known to promote skin cell renewal and make the skin firmer while reducing puffiness. The exfoliation process (a process of removing dead skin cells) with the help of AHAs can be very effective since they can reach under the surface of the skin, softening the dead skin cells. However, clinical reports have revealed some alarming facts about AHAs. If the ingredient goes too deep under the skin it can have adverse effects. Some consumers complain of swelling, itching and bleeding after the use of AHAs.
Other ingredients of Billy Jealousy About Face anti aging serum are Echinacea Purpuera Extract which boosts skin’s immune system and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which is known to promote skin healing, restore pH balance and moisturize the skin.

What’s Positive

Billy Jealousy About Face anti aging product tries to cater to a less traveled niche market segment of men beauty products helping metrosexual men fight their age with anti wrinkle products.

The product is also effective in treating scar tissues provided that they are skin deep.

What’s Negative

The use of Glycolic Acid in the product may lead to skin irritation for some people. The other two prominent ingredients effective in anti-ageing products Collagen and Matrixyl 3000 are not included in Billy Jealousy About Face anti aging serum. The company’s authorized website provides little or no information about clinical research reports and do not provide any consumer or doctor testimonials.

Bottom Line

Billy Jealousy About Face anti aging serum may be effective as an overall moisturizer but the absence of two proven anti aging ingredients make this product less attractive compared to other anti ageing products available. Also it is advisable for the consumers to stay away from AHA based products, unless they are confident about them. It is better to go for those products that have a proven track record.