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Bio Clearin: Review & Comparison

Produced by Vaxa Spa, Bio-Clearin is a natural cleanser. It claims to be a luxurious non-soap and non-abrasive cleanser. According to the company, Bio-Clearin can help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines by cleansing the skin.


The Product claims to restore the pH balance in the skin. At Vaxa Spa, they believe that there is no such thing as dry or oily skin, only "out of balance" skin. To get back the skin balance, they have used seven alpha and beta hydroxyl acids. These acids help the skin remain moisturized during the day, thereby enabling it to become smooth and soft.
Using Bio-Tonen toner is recommended for maximum effect.

Product Details

The main ingredient used in Bio-Clearin cleanser is Planteren. This cleanser is made from a mixture of soy, corn and wheat. It is used to add foam to many shampoos, soaps and other cleansers. Botanical extracts and bioactive enzymes are also used in the production of Bio-Clearin.
A few of the other ingredients used are aloe vera gel, deionized water, thyme extract, seaweed extract. Bio-clearin cleanser also has electro-magnetic properties which help to ward off disease and aging. Magnet therapy has been practiced in Eastern medicine for centuries. In Bio-Clearin, the magnetic advantages are in the cleanser. Because of the botanical extracts and bioactive enzymes that are present in the cleanser, it should not be exposed to high temperatures.

What’s Positive

Since Bio-Clearin is a natural cleanser skin, irritation is unlikely.
It is not very expensive at $20 a bottle.
Some of the basic ingredients used to make the cleanser are good for the skin.

What’s Negative

The website of the company is not very informative. So it is difficult to judge the validity of its claims.
There does not seem to be any guarantee for the product.
The cleanser seems to focus more on clearing up problems such as acne rather than concentrating on reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.
Apart from planteren, which is used for cleansing, there is no description of any other ingredient that could help in wrinkle reduction.
There is no research or clinical study given to validate the product’s claims.

Bottom Line

Apart from actually being used as a natural cleanser, there is really no evidence that Bio-Clearin can be used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. So if you want an anti-wrinkle cream, perhaps it would be best to consider other options as well.