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Biofirm Lift: Review & Comparison

Biofirm Lift is a product from the French cosmetics company Biotherm. Biotherm offers a whole range of skincare products. All their products incorporate minerals found in French mountain spring water.


The categories of products available with Biotherm include - Face care, Body care, Men's care, Sun care and Make up. Vitreoscilla Ferment, a mineral rich concentrate, is the base of all Biotherm products. This concentrate claims to help cells use oxygen better, thereby slowing down the aging process.

Product Details

Biofirm Lift is a cream that claims to lift and tone sagging skin. It is meant for normal to combination skin types. It is also available for dry skin. The official website does not give too many details about the ingredients used in the cream. Some other sites claim some of the ingredients to be Glycerin, Kernel oil, Petrolatum, Soybean oil, Benzyl Benzoate and so on.
Vitreoscilla Ferment is the primary ingredient in Biofirm Lift. The cream also uses parabens, which are preservatives.

What’s Positive

The products are available online, which is the only way to buy them in the USA.
If you are not happy with the product, you can return it, in its original packing to the company. You will be given a full refund, excluding shipping charges.
Biofirm Lift contains Vitreoscilla Ferment which has been proven to increase the level of oxygen in cells.

What’s Negative

Biofirm Lift contains parabens which could cause mild skin irritation. So people with sensitive skin need to do a skin test first.
The cream has artificial colors and fragrances.
The cream does not contain collagen or hyaluronic acid, both of which are ingredients used in most anti-wrinkle creams.
The official website makes no mention of the ingredients used in Biotherm products.

Bottom Line

Biofirm Lift is a moisturizing cream for sagging skin. Though it contains Vitreoscilla Ferment, it does not have any other active ingredients that fight wrinkles. Also the website does not provide details of the ingredients that have been used in the products. That makes it hard for consumers to choose between the different kinds of products. However, the refund offer is good because if you don't like the product you can always return it and get your money back.