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Biomaris Anti Aging Cream: Review & Comparison

In 1936, BIOMARIS was the first company to prove the worth of Thalasso facials, body treatments and beauty products across the globe. BIOMARIS products are based on the active ingredients of sea water. The company claims that all their products contain precious marine ingredients like deep sea water from the North Atlantic, Special Maine Algae, and top quality sea salt.


Biomaris Anti Aging Cream has been specifically designed to target specific skin care needs and has been clinically tested and certified for effectiveness and skin tolerance against allergies.

Product Details

Biomaris Anti Aging Cream has been designed to fight the aging process. All the skin problems are cured by this cream which contains six highly effective ingredients from the sea. The product has the combination of deep sea water, glycol-protein from the Antarctic Ocean, an atelo collagen complex, a pearl protein extract, thalspheres, and a thermo-active free radical scavenger from the Gulf of California. The Biomaris Anti Aging Cream is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes by 30%, in just 28 days.

The company’s official website provides comprehensive list of products and some interesting facts about the company. But it does not provide fundamental information on each of the product like ingredients, price, consumer testimonials etc.

The order placing also seems a bit complicated. The interested buyer has to first fill up an online form for ordering BIOMARIS range of products. After that a salesperson from the company gets back to you. Also their products are not available on other shopping sites; you can either buy them from their own site or buy it from the salons offering BIOMARIS treatments and products.

What’s Positive

Biomaris Anti Aging Cream includes all natural marine ingredients. One of the main ingredient Algae is known to be very beneficial for the skin.
The company has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing beauty products and hence this experience comes very handy when providing the best beauty products to the customers.

What’s Negative

The company does not provide any free trials or money back guarantee for Biomaris Anti Aging Cream. The company website though very comprehensive, lacks some basic product information like list of ingredients and price. The company does not provide substantial reasons to the buyers to buy their product.

Bottom Line

The company’s claim of reducing wrinkles by 30% in 28 days by using Biomaris Anti Aging Cream is not supported enough by clinical test reports or customer testimonials. The product has some extraordinary ingredients like Algae and some essential fatty acids components but this is not a significant reason to buy the product since there are many anti aging products that contain Algae.