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Biomedic 21 Day Intensive Wrinkle Treatment: Review & Comparison

The Biomedic 21 day intensive wrinkle treatment is an assortment of three products for treating wrinkles.


The product includes pharmaceutical and chemical treatments and is backed by gentle, natural and organic supplements to treat wrinkles. The manufacturers claim that this product has been clinically proven to give positive results in 21 days.

Product Details

The Biomedic 21 day intensive wrinkle treatment is a kit consisting of 3 products specifically designed to remove wrinkles and fine lines, to treat skin discoloration and uneven skin texture. The kit contains The Biomedic Microderm Abrasion Cream – The removal of dead skin cells from the face stimulates the growth of new skin cells. This cream is perfect for treating discoloration and pimples. One of the active ingredients of this cream is aluminum oxide crystals which are a non-allergic substance that increase the production of collagen, thereby achieving softer and firmer skin.

The Biomedic Collgenist Preparation – The product contains glycolic acid derived from fruits and sugars which helps to penetrate below the skin surface for effective exfoliation process.The Biomedic Barrier Cream – The cream contains high amounts of silicon which makes the skin firmer. This cream is applied over the Collagenist Preparation mask and left on overnight.

These three products from the Biomedic 21 day intensive wrinkle treatment should be used every other night. On the night that these creams are not applied, you need to apply a Vitamin C cream to your face to sooth your skin naturally.

What’s Positive

With the excellent reputation of the company, you can be rest assured that the products from the Biomedic 21 day intensive wrinkle treatment will not cause irritation to your skin. The treatment takes flat 21 days and has amazing results. The treatment is also effective on hard skin with deeply rooted wrinkles.
The product’s ingredients are the best in the skin care industry.

What’s Negative

The company is not offering direct sales of Biomedic 21 day intensive wrinkle treatment to its customers from their website. You need to find a doctor on whose account this product can be purchased. There are no free trials or money back guarantees from the manufacturer on this product. The product may seem expensive for a home based 21-day regimen.

Bottom Line

The manufacturers recommend consulting a dermatologist before trying this product. This is necessary to know your skin type and whether the ingredients in the product are suitable for your skin type or not. Hence this product is for those who have enough time, patience and money to devote to it. Biomedic 21 day intensive wrinkle treatment is a good product to try before taking other clinical treatments.