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Bioque: Review & Comparison

Bioque range of products available in the market claim to be an alternative to Botox. These products claim to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead lines and enhance areas of the skin which are prone to appearance of wrinkles due to excessive pressure, pollution and stress. Twice a day application of the creams has shown noticeable improvement in the smoothness and youthfulness of the skin. Many celebrities also use Bioque products.


Bioque was founded by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Martin Rodbell. Dr. Rodbell has used research based on signal technology, the way in which our body cells communicate, to come up with the Bioque range of products.

Product Details

There are 10 products available in the company’s anti-aging products line; namely Serum XL, Serum GV, Serum rejuevenate, Rejuevenating day and night crčme, Pronto etc. Let’s have a look at its most popular product:
Bioque serum XL: The most popular product of their anti-aging line of products, this serum claims to relax the facial muscles to get reduced appearance of wrinkles. It is believed that most of the anti wrinkle creams in the market have similar kinds of ingredients which consist of Argilerine, Matryxl 3000 and Biopeptite EL. It is observed that if a product has 10% concentration of one of these ingredients called Argilerine, then it works well. This fact sets Bioque ahead of all other anti-wrinkle creams is it has 20% concentration of Argilerine which is a known natural peptide that naturally reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

What’s Positive

The Bioque products have been found to work really well when used regularly for at least two weeks.
It leaves the skin softer and smoother as well as moisturizes the skin.
These products are used and recommended by many Hollywood celebrities and models.
If you are unsatisfied with the results, all products come with a 60 day trial time, if not satisfied; the company will refund your money.
Another assuring thing about the Bioque products is that it has been founded by a recognized doctor and his award winning research has been used in developing the creams and serums.

What’s Negative

The only concern you might have is about the pricing of the product. It is pretty costly; this fact may prevent you from buying it.
It might not work as well for you as it works for some other women, as the product depends on skin type and the way you use it.

Bottom Line

Bioque products are a cheaper alternative to Botox and have some ingredients which are seen to be effective in reducing wrinkles. The products are targeted at women who are noticing prominent signs of aging of their skin. It is a safe and steady way to achieve youthfulness of skin without going through surgery or other clinical treatments. The price may seem high but as compared to Botox injections and possible side-effects etc., it seems worth the price.