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Bisse Inhibit Natura: Review & Comparison

Natura Bisse was launched in Barcelona almost 30 years ago. The company manufactures a large range of beauty products of different categories like vitamin creams, sunblocks and facial peels.


Inhibit line of products from Natura Bisse falls into the anti-aging category and it is one of the most popular products in the cosmetics industry. This category has three products:
Bisse Inhibit Natura Expression Line helps in minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Bisse Inhibit Natura Tensolift is helpful in relaxing, lifting and filling the facial skin.
Bisse Inhibit Natura Dermafill is promoted as a non-invasive alternative to BOTOX. The company claims that it is the most complete wrinkle filler.

Product Details

All the products in the Inhibit line have different ingredients and hence different functions to repair your skin:
The wrinkles are produced due of regular facial muscle contractions. The Expression Line product has OCTAMIOXYL, a synthesized molecule that reduces the regular facial contractions, thus by reducing the wrinkles to a large extent.
The Tensolift has the highest concentration (71%) of active ingredients in the market and hence, the product does not need many filler ingredients that would make it really effective. This product is promoted to be effective in lifting, relaxing and filling the facial skin. The product has 19% of 3D Lifting for the lifting effect, 40% of Octamioxyl for the relaxing effect and 12% of Dermafill complex for the filling effect.
The Dermafill product is claimed to be able to fill the wrinkles from inside out – the same technique as used in micro-injections – there by reducing the production of fine lines. The company promotes this product as a “double pronged approach to wrinkles”. The active ingredients include Kombucha Extract, Elastin Micro Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid.

What’s Positive

Bisse Inhibit Natura products come from a company has been in the beauty products manufacturing business for almost 30 years.
The Bisse Inhibit Natura Tensolift formation has been endorsed by the head doctor of the International Association of Plastic Surgeons.

What’s Negative

Bisse Inhibit Natura products are very expensive and out of reach for most of the people.
There is no 100% money back guarantee available on these products.
The website does not provide the full ingredients in the list of products.
The claims are not backed up by clinical results or testimonials from doctors or consumers.

Bottom Line

Bisse Inhibit Natura products come from a very famous company with an experienced history in the cosmetics industry. But they are very expensive at $300-$800 for a one ounce bottle and hence only popular among the top class, the ones with a lot of money.