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Borghese: Review & Comparison

Borghese skin care products bring Italian luxury right into your home to pamper your skin. A unique collection of cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturizers, face masks, hair care, body care and make-up products provide the user with ultimate results.


Borghese has combined years of experience with advancements in skin care science that has allowed it to stay on the cutting edge of beauty treatments. For specific skin care needs, the company offers quite a wide range of products. The products can be of great assistance for anti-aging treatments.
Whether you want to give yourself a relaxing facial mask treatment, take care of your eyes and lips or give your hair and body some soothing treatments, Borghese offers the perfect product for you.
The company emphasizes on using organic ingredients in all their products. Fango Mud for the face and body is their signature item.

Product Details

Borghese anti-aging products are designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that caused by frequent facial movements, without the loss of expression. The products help reduce the signs of aging while providing powerful anti-oxidant protection against free radical damage.
The products instantly tighten, lift and lighten the skin. After the use of these products, the skin feels smoother and younger. The company has an excellent line of exfoliators that use Aluminum Oxide, Aloe, and Clover Honey as some of the ingredients that polish and refine the skin allowing for micro-precise removal of unwanted skin cells.
All the Borghese products use natural organic ingredients. Some of the active ingredients found in their products are Stratopeptide Energizing Complex (combination Palmitoyl Pantapeoptide-3, Coenzyme Q10 and Super Hydroxy-Humectant), Vitamin C and natural botanicals. These products are designed to suit all basic skin types.

What’s Positive

Borghese uses natural botanicals as their products’ ingredients.
The products can be easily purchased through their company website or through large retail stores.
The company claims that their products are not tested on animals.
Borghese has a separate line of products for men’s skin and body care. The men’s line also includes anti-aging products.

What’s Negative

Borghese does not provide 100% money back guarantee on its products.
There are no customer testimonials or clinical test results to support the company’s claim for effectiveness on the website.
The company does not provide the full ingredients list of their products on the website.
There are reports showing that Borghese products do contain some ingredients that are derived from animals.

Bottom Line

There are many skin care companies offering the products that are offered by Borghese at much lower prices. Other than their signature product, Fango Mud, there doesn’t seem much uniqueness in their product line.