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Boswellia wrinkle cream: Review & Comparison

Boswellia wrinkle cream is manufactured by a company named Youthful living essential oils. True to its name, the cream contains the famed herb Boswellia which is known to have healing powers. Apart from this herb, the cream also contains MSM (Methyl Salfonyle Methane) and several other naturally derived ingredients.


The company’s research team claims to have a unique approach to skin aging. This skin treatment is meant to be used daily. The cream can be purchased online as well.

Product Details

The Boswellia wrinkle cream is a topical cream which has chief ingredients as Boswellia, MSM. It claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles which have appeared due to aging and sun-exposure. The eastern herb Boswellia has healing properties and MSM increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients within the body. It also contains essential oils like Geranium, sandalwood, ylang ylang and myrrh that are known to soften the skin. While another essential oil wolfberry oil enhances collagen formation.

What’s Positive

Since the Boswellia wrinkle cream consists of mainly natural ingredients like Boswellia, it will have minimal or no side-effects.
The natural ingredients used are known to be effective in making the skin younger and softer.
The product comes in an easy to apply cream form which has to be applied in upward motion using the fingers, after spreading the cream evenly on face and neck.
Another good thing is that it can be conveniently purchased on the internet.

What’s Negative

The Company offers no trial period or money back offer on the Boswellia wrinkle cream. Many other products in the same field, offer such deals where they give 100% money back if the customer is not satisfied.
Some of the ingredients may not suit sensitive skin, although the full list of ingredients is not clearly listed.
There is no clinical proof that the cream is as effective as it claims to be.
There is lack of detailed information and testimonials on the official website.

Bottom Line

The Boswellia wrinkle cream seems to be a product which is helpful in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It is meant basically for women who are facing signs of aging on their skin, but the product can be used in case of sun-damaged skin too. It can be purchased on the website, though a lack of trial time or money back offer might be a deterrent for many users. Since natural ingredients and essential oils are used, the risk of side –effects gets minimized.
Due to the lack of full list of ingredients, clinical research details and customer testimonials, many prospective users may not choose to buy it. If the official website of Boswellia wrinkle cream could provide more targeted and concise information on the product’s ingredients and some significant clinical research studies, then the product would be much more appealing.