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Botax Lift Serum: Review & Comparison

Botax Lift Serum is intended to treat the problem area near the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. The area around the eyes is the one that first tends to “show off” your advancing age.


This product is designed specifically to treat the skin around the eyes and make the skin appear smoother and younger. It is claimed that this product can revitalize the face tissue and skin cells.
Botax Lift Serum’s company does not have its official website. Hence this entire review has been prepared by searching through the retail sites for information regarding the products.
It would be unethical for us to recommend a product to the consumers, one that does not offer reliable information about ingredients and other important facts to back up the ‘BOTOX like treatment’ claim from the company. However, we can assure you that this review is based on comprehensive research.

Product Details

The Botax Lift Serum is heavily based on peptides that promote skin elasticity. It contains Argireline as its main active ingredient which is a super food for anti-aging treatments and is commonly found in many anti-aging products. Argireline has been clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging by relaxing the facial muscles and smoothing out the skin. This greatly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
There is no information about the other ingredients present in the product. Botax Lift Serum is a product that is specially made to treat the problem area around the eyes. The lack of information about the product ingredients may make consumers hesitant to try this product on this super sensitive area. They would definitely want to stay away from any allergic reaction near the eyes.

What’s Positive

Botax Lift Serum contains a well know anti-aging substance, Argireline, that is counted as a super food for treating wrinkles and fine lines.
The product is particularly addressing the most wrinkle-sensitive area- that is area near the eyes.
The purchasing can done through an easy ordering process.

What’s Negative

There is no official website of the company that manufactures the Botax Lift Serum. Hence, there is no information about the ingredients that are used to make this product.
The company’s lack of web presence gives us no access to customer testimonials or clinical research reports. This makes the consumers feel tentative before they buy the product.
There does not seem to be any refund policy from the company.

Bottom Line

Any beauty products that we use have long term effects on our skin and hence it is very important to know about the ingredients that make up the product before using it. There might be some ingredients in it that may not be suitable for your skin. With Argeriline as the only known effective ingredient in the Botax Lift Serum, it would be better to search for other products for your skin care needs.