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C-ESTA: Review & Comparison

Jan Marini, the manufacturer of the C-ESTA product line, is renowned globally; but its very stature works to its disadvantage when it comes to anti-wrinkle products. The products, must however, be evaluated on their ingredient lists and customer satisfaction levels, instead of being gauged by the manufacturer’s dedication.


Manufactured by Jan Marini, the C-ESTA product line is for those who are in search of beautiful skin from within. Aging is inevitable, and the process exposes the skin to environmental factors that damage it by limiting the secretion of those essential substances in the body, which are natural skin therapeutics. For instance, Vitamin C is essential for keeping the skin young and healthy, and its production is affected significantly due to the environmental pollutants that the worn-out skin cells find difficult to fight.
C-ESTA, as its name suggests, supplements your body with this very Vitamin C, keeping the skin naturally beautiful. The application of this production repairs the damaged skin and shields it from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Product Details

C-ESTA has several products in its kitty, including anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams, face-masks, repair concentrates, body and hand creams, cleansing gels, lip products, foundations, serum, amongst others. C-ESTA also offers C-ESTAMINS, an anti-aging high-nutrient supplement, which is supposed to be consumed once daily.
A key ingredient in most of these products is a Vitamin C molecule – ascorbyl palmitate. This molecule is known to be fat soluble, making the product line unique, since most similar products in the market are made of water soluble vitamin forms. There are enough research reports on the official website, supporting the fact that these fat soluble forms are more effective than the water soluble ones when it comes to repairing the damaged skin cells in humans.

What’s Positive

C-ESTA is made of patented ingredients and the most effective forms of Vitamin C. Devoid of preservatives, the products are suitable for all skin types.

What’s Negative

Products are not available online, and there is just one retailer find function enabled on the official website. The website has detailed product descriptions, but they are explained in complicated terms.

Bottom Line

The complicated description on the manufacturer’s website could be incomprehensible to the layperson. Moreover, since the company is highly diversified, it is difficult to gauge how much the anti-wrinkle product category means to it. Instead, buyers may want to go in for anti-wrinkle products of a more dedicated company.