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Caracol Cream: Review & Comparison

Caracol cream is one of those anti-aging creams which are advertised as miracle creams that reduce the wrinkles like magic. It is targeted at middle aged women who are experiencing visible signs of aging on the skin.


Caracol cream claims to reduce fine lines, dark spots puffiness around eyes, loss of elasticity, and improve sun damaged skin. The chief ingredients of this cream are - Allantoin, natural collagen, Glycolic acid, natural elastin, anti-biotic peptide, and vitamins. All of this combined together work towards lifting sagging skin, increasing elasticity, reducing blemishes, blocking UV rays - making the skin firmer and smoother.

Product Details

The company which manufactures Caracol cream claims that within 2-3 months of regular usage of this cream, women will notice an improvement in the overall quality of their skin. Aimed at middle aged women, this cream boasts of ingredients like Natural Allatoin, which helps in regenerating skin cells and repairs scars, natural elastin which increases the skin’s elasticity, natural collagen which works towards making the skin firmer and toned. Other ingredients are vitamins, natural solar filtrate, anti biotic peptides etc. The solar filtrate especially provides protection from UV rays and sun damage. The cream aims at reducing fine lines, crow’s feet, sagging skin and helps in making the skin firmer, softer and hence more youthful.

What’s Positive

The beauty product has got balanced ingredients that fulfill the claims made by Caracol cream.
A 14 day trail offer is available on the website for customers who “qualify”.
A 60 days’ satisfaction period is there; if not satisfied 100% money back guarantee is given.
It has received the “American Anti Aging Association Gold Awards” in 2007.
There are before/after photos and testimonials from customers /users available on the website.
It provides protection from the harsh effects of solar rays.

What’s Negative

Some ingredients found in Caracol cream may not be suitable for all skin types.
No actual clinical proof has been provided so as to ascertain the effectiveness of this cream.
Full product ingredient list is not available anywhere on the website.
The actual price is not listed.

Bottom Line

The Caracol cream claims to do everything for your skin if you are bothered by the appearance of signs of aging. It may reduce wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, dark spots, sagging skin and puffiness of eyes. It is a topical cream which also claims to boost collagen production, increase elasticity of skin and make it look radiant and vibrant. Although like almost all products in this category, there is no clinical proof that Caracol cream can do so, for sure. Moreover, there is no innovative or unique technology that sets it apart, though the regular ingredients listed in the product may have the desired results up to an extent.