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CellaDerm: Review & Comparison

There are mixed views about CellaDerm anti-aging treatment, since it has used unconventional ingredients. Once there is substantial research to establish these ingredients’ role in anti-aging, CellaDerm sales is bound to soar.


CellaDerm is an anti-aging treatment, formulated by CellaDerm Inc., Bismark, ND. Upon the prescribed usage, the treatment claims to eliminate age-related fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and rejuvenate the facial skin, leaving it supple and radiant. The leading retailers, through whom this product is sold, prescribe at least 12 weeks of regular usage, for apparent results.

Product Details

CellaDerm offers a combination of polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) and vitamins - popular as anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are a common ingredient in all types of skin treatments, as they effectively fight the environment factors that cause aging of the skin. PHAs are acids that are often used in acne treatment. People are generally wary of using chemicals for getting rid of age-related skin problems. As far its usage is concerned, it is best not to expose the skin after the application of the product. Therefore, use it twice a day, on the face and neck, at early morning and before going to bed at night. Also, the target areas must be thoroughly washed with plain water and then patted dry, before the application.

What’s Positive

The best thing about CellaDerm is that – it is easily available. You can source it from all the leading retailers and even online. Also, the product is made up of Echinacea that has been successfully tested as a general wellness contributor. Moreover, the presence of popular anti-oxidants in the ingredient list justifies the product’s claims.

What’s Negative

As discussed above, the only weakness of this product could be attributed to its acid-based nature. It contains PHAs that are generally used in acne treatment than in anti-aging. Also, there is very little information available about the product trial and the product’s role in collagen production that is essential to keep one’s skin healthy.

Bottom Line

The CellaDerm treatment is no different from other anti-aging treatments available in the market, except for the fact that it uses certain PHAs as anti-wrinkle agents. However, the very fact that it uses PHAs is disputable, because these are acids that could harm highly sensitive skin types. Until now, research hasn’t certified the role of PHAs in anti-aging; once there is substantial data available to support this view, the market for CellaDerm could grow very strong. Until then, people may go for treatments comprising anti-oxidants only.