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Ceramide-C: Review & Comparison

Cerammide-C claims to treat age-related wrinkles more effectively than any other anti-wrinkle product available in the market, because its capsule technology uses substances in their purest form.


Unlike the conventional anti-wrinkled products available in the market, Ceramide-C is available in the capsule form. Users are supposed to break-open the capsule that contains the concentrate serum, and apply it evenly on their face, neck, and hands.
One capsule of Ceramide-C has enough concentrate to cover all these areas. Along with vitamins, Ceramide-C also has an ingredient called ceramide that occurs naturally in the human skin. Basically, our skin begins losing ceramide as it ages, which exposes it to environmental factors. That makes the aging signs visible on the skin. The ceramide supplement in Ceramide-C fights these environmental factors, replenishing the skin in the process.

Product Details

Ceramide-C contains cyclomethicone, cucumber extract dimethicone, dl-tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), evening primrose extract, grape seed extract, orange blossom extract (Vitamin C), retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), squalene (99% pure), tocotrienol, and trihydroxypalmitami-dohrexypropyl mysristyl ether HO3 (Ceramide).
The manufacturer’s idea of storing the concentrate in a capsule is to regulate the quantity used and retain the purity of the substances used. Also, the product is designed to give a non-sticky feel, one which spreads smoothly, and does not leave any sticky residue behind. The product is ideal for even the hyper-sensitive skin type, as it does not have any artificial fragrances or preservatives.

What’s Positive

Ceramide-C is made of anti-oxidants and is free from artificial preservatives. Moreover, the product comes with a 100 days cash back guarantee.

What’s Negative

The only negative factor about the product is the lack of information about the manufacturer and ingredients used; for instance, the official website doesn’t have much information on ceramide. Moreover, there is not much detail about product trials or product development.

Bottom Line

People are generally wary of using anything that’s unknown, particularly when it comes to their skin. Undoubtedly, the capsule technology is out-of-the-box, but the manufacturer should provide more information on this unique technology, citing its benefits at the same time.
Also, consumers mostly base their buying decisions upon the list of ingredients; since, ceramide is the backbone of Ceramide-C, there ought to be more information on this substance on the official website. Ceramide has been explored quite well by the medical community, which is why it is even more unconvincing that the website does not have much information on it.