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Ceratopic: Review & Comparison

A product of SkinMedica, Ceratopic is a replenishing lotion for dry and itchy skin. It is marketed as a highly efficient antioxidant cream and has all its ingredients listed on its website.


This product, targeted mainly at women, is designed to repair damaged and sagging skin as well as moisturize dry skin. In fact, it is more of an emollient solution for treating dry, irritated skin rather than an anti-winkle cream.
Dry skin can cause a lot of irritation and rashes which can lead to much discomfort. Ceratopic contains ingredients which are meant to improve the life of skin cells and lead to a healthy skin.

Product Details

Ceratopic is a water-based standard skin care cream. It has moisturising oils like olive fruit oil and soybean oil in addition to Kernel extract, Carnosine and Squalane. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Tocopheryl Acetate.
Most of the above mentioned components are antioxidants. It can be seen that important anti-aging ingredients like Collagen and Matrixyl 3000 have not been used in this product. Sodium Hyaluronate, which can hydrate the skin, is the only anti-aging ingredient present in this formula.

What’s Positive

Ceratopic is actually a topical lotion that has a moisturising effect. It can be used on other body parts like the hands and knees as well. The hyaluronic acid in the product has anti-aging properties.
The complete list of ingredients is available on their website. The product is available at physicians’ offices as well as with online retailers.

What’s Negative

Ceratopic lacks anti-aging ingredients like Argireline and Collagen, which strengthen blood vessels and develop new skin tissues. The company has not listed the price of the product on its website. As all the return and refund has to be handled through the physician’s office you purchased the cream from, there is uncertainty about these policies if you purchase the product online or from retailers.
The company also does not host any customer testimonials on its website.

Bottom Line

Although Ceratopic can serve as a good moisturiser for dry skin, the lack of anti-aging ingredients creates doubts about its ability to reduce the effects of aging. Added to this is an unclear refund policy. If you want a trustworthy solution for your wrinkles and skin lines, you could look at the various over-the-counter products to make a choice.