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Chantal Ethocyn: Review & Comparison

Coming from Chantal Pharmaceutical Corporation, Chantal Ethocyn claims to provide your skin with elastin fibers to make it look more youthful. This product is advertised as an effective skin care treatment, to reduce wrinkles and provide moisture to skin.


The company believes that the natural enzymes, which keep the skin hydrated and youthful, decrease with age. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. The company claims that the use of Chantal Ethocyn cream can increase the production of elastin and lead to a more toned skin.
Their claim is backed by years of clinical studies and user trials carried out on many people to test the efficacy of this product. A great deal of information about Chantal Ethocyn is available on the company’s website.

Product Details

Chantal Ethocyn contains ingredients like Cyclomethicone and Dimethiconol, Ethoxyheptyl and Bicyclooctanone. According to the company, Ethocyn treatments lead to an increase in the amount of elastin fibers, which helps improve skin elasticity. The company claims that even a few applications of this product are enough to beautify and tighten your skin.
However, this product does not consider the issue of collagen, which decreases with age and leads to wrinkles. It believes that wrinkles and sagging skin are a result of a decrease in elastin fibres in the skin.

What’s Positive

The company has a highly informative website which helps its customers to benefit from the clinical studies that have been conducted on skin care. It also helps people learn how this product really works. The manufacturer claims that with only a few applications of Chantal Ethocyn, a person can achieve firm and beautiful skin.

What’s Negative

Chantal Ethocyn lacks the effective anti wrinkle ingredient Matrixyl 3000. It is also difficult to locate customer testimonials on the company’s website. There is uncertainty about a refund policy or a provision of free trial. The cost of this product is on the higher side.

Bottom Line

Going by the company’s claims, Chantal Ethocyn appears as a wonderful product to achieve firm and younger looking skin. It would be a pleasure to browse though the vast amount of information regarding ingredient studies and their functioning mentioned on its website. Despite this, the customer testimonials are inadequate. The difficulty in locating these treatments could lead to customers looking for simpler alternatives.