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Cheryl Tiegs Instant Wrinkle Reducer: Review & Comparison

The market is over flooded with a wide range of beauty products for women, but only a limited number of beauty products are found to be effective. Cheryl Tiegs Instant Wrinkle Reducer is one among them.


One of the most popular and reliable anti wrinkle product used by women is being promoted by Cheryl Tiegs. Cheryl Tiegs is a 58 year old supermodel, having amazingly flawless skin. She markets most of her product under the name of “Ageless Women”. Cheryl Tiegs instant wrinkle reducer is a tried and tested product, effective in reducing wrinkles in a time span of just five minutes.

Product Details

Cheryl Tiegs instant wrinkle reducer is clinically developed and tested product. It is a combination of botanical ingredients, rich in antioxidants, including ginseng and floral and certain chemicals which reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Before application of Cheryl Tiegs instant wrinkle reducer, the user needs to carry out deep and vigorous cleansing of the face. Thereafter the user has to dry the face completely and apply a very thin layer of the product on the affected areas. The face has to be kept expressionless for at least three minutes to let the cream dry.

What’s Positive

You can get a free trial of the product from official website (provided that you pay shipping costs).

The effect starts to show within five minutes.

The product can be analyzed through before/after photo comparison available on the website.

You can get instant results without going through painful and expensive treatment.

What’s Negative

No long lasting results of the product. No money back guarantee.The product can be purchased only from retail locations. Information provided about active ingredients of the product is insufficient.

Bottom Line

Cheryl Tiegs instant wrinkle reducer is an anti aging cream that reduces visible wrinkles and fine lines in a short duration. It functions more like a concealer and therefore its effects are temporary. The active wrinkle fighters of Cheryl Tiegs instant wrinkle reducer enhance collagen production thereby relaxing facial muscles. It cannot be used as a main anti aging solution; however, it can temporarily boost the skin’s natural defense against environmental damages. The free trial of Cheryl Tiegs instant wrinkle reducer offered by the official website, allows the user to evaluate the product before paying the full retail price.