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Chrono Repair: Review & Comparison

These days everyone is conscious of their looks. So the market is quite jam-packed with anti aging cosmetic products which promise to meet their expectations. Swiss company Methode Physiodermie has come up with its anti aging Chrono Repair Intensive Care Revitalizing cream which has caught the attention of consumers.


A little baffling though, there is no official website of this particular product. No information is given about Chrono Repair on the website of this Swiss company also. Usually in such cases, the product is offered only to the regular clientele of the company which believes in word of mouth advertisement. In modern days such ways may seem a bit archaic.

Methode Physiodermie’s website also provides unclear details about the technology they use in their products. Only the place of production of its place and information that the product can be used on any skin in order to bring desired change can be termed incomplete.

Product Details

Usually the anti aging creams in market talk loudly about their specific ingredients which would treat free radicals and bringing natural glow to skin. Though Chrono Repair Intensive Care Revitalizing cream also promises to do the same, it lacks in information. We found no information about the ingredients both in related websites and in the retail stores. Irrespective of it, the price tag of Chrono Repair is as high as $230 that can compel you to think twice before you buy it.

What’s Positive

As anti aging cream, it can be applied on an type of skin.

What’s Negative

As no information is available regarding ingredients in this product are available, its effectiveness is unknown.No success stories with comparative images that may woo buyers are provided online.No money back guarantee is given.The marketing strategy for Chrono Repair Intensive Care Revitalizing seems inadequate which is also rare.

Bottom Line

Chrono Repair Intensive Care Revitalizing may be an effective product. But it’s not good for the product that the buyers should be entangled in the web of ‘may be’. Women are very choosy whenever they buy skin products. So our only advice is, try it after weighing all pros and cons.