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Clientele Cosmetics: Review & Comparison

Among all the beauty and health products available in market today, only a few are reliable and effective. Clientele wrinkle treatment products are developed after conducting extensive research, so as to provide wrinkle free, beautiful skin.


You can now have firm and smooth skin that makes you feel younger and more confident. Clientele wrinkle treatment is effective in reducing visible wrinkles and fine lines, making you beautiful both inside out.

Product Details

Clientele wrinkle treatment work wonders for damaged and wrinkled skin. Results are visible within few seconds of use. The product contains patented anti-oxidant enzyme complex and lubricating oils, which revitalize skin by restoring key moisturizing and lubricating elements. The main ingredients included in this formula are antioxidants, which can effectively prevent problems caused by free radicals present in the environment. An anti wrinkle formula should contain substances like matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid, argireline, or collagen. However, none of these substances are present in the Clientele wrinkle treatment product. Hence, it is more of an anti-aging product than an anti-wrinkle formula.

What’s Positive

The antioxidant formula present in the product claims to reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines, providing a younger looking skin. The product exhibits its effect in a very short period of time. Using it you can avoid going through painful and expensive skin or anti aging treatment

What’s Negative

A few active ingredients of this product are not disclosed. The product can be purchased only through company’s official website and QVC. The results of this product are temporary

Bottom Line

The ingredients, testimonials and clinical studies are the factors that determine the effectiveness of a product. The Clientele wrinkle treatment product contains antioxidants formula, popular for arresting the aging process and diminishing wrinkles. It is a rejuvenating cosmetic product, which diminishes wrinkles and other signs of aging caused by sun exposure, stress and other factors. The official website, however, does not provide complete information about the ingredients used in developing Clientele wrinkle treatment. Moreover, the safety of this product for women with extremely sensitive skin and those prone to allergic reaction, has yet to be established. The product is effective in providing short-termed flawless skin, but customer satisfaction is not as high as it is in case of other products. The customer can purchase this product only through official website and QVC.