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Clinique Anti-Gravity: Review & Comparison

Lately, anti aging products seem to be flooding the market. The latest product to make a foray in this crowded market is the Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream. What exactly does this cream do? How does this cream lift the facial skin tone and remove wrinkles. Let us find out.


Anti aging creams are usually moisturizers promoted with the promise of a youthful appearance by removing the wrinkles on your face. There are many methods of cosmetic treatment for the aging skin. The invasive treatments include botox injections and plastic surgery. These are expensive, so not many people opt for them. So what does Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream claim to do? The manufacturers claim that the product with continued use provides immediate effect. Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream asserts that you can expect softening of lines and wrinkles with a noticeable improvement in firmness and elasticity. In fact, Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream is intended to be part of a multi-step skin care regimen. The information provided on the maker’s official website says the cream actively boosts the body’s natural collagen product levels and effectively removes damaged and thinned out skin. The producer of this cream is promoting a “Three Step skin care System” and Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream is to be the fourth step.

Product Details

The details of the ingredients of Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream are presently not available on the official website. Probably you will get to know them only after you buy the cream. The official website mentions that the cream boosts natural collagen. Collagen is a biological polymer consisting of amino acids that serves as a key structural component of connective tissues such as skin. Stimulating collagen synthesis in aged skin is known to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. Many Anti aging creams contain some form of retinol, which is supposed to give a revitalizing effect to the skin. The formula status of the product is still “patent pending”. So all we can do now is wait and watch until the patent issue is cleared.

What’s Positive

Clinique has an excellent brand image. Clinique is one of the world’s largest suppliers of prestige make up products. The product has a wide distribution network and hence is easily available in malls and drug stores. You can purchase the product online via its official website.

What’s Negative

Inadequate product details are holding back the cream’s complete assessment. In general, the long-term benefits of Anti aging creams are not clear. As such, Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream will have to withstand the test of time.

Bottom Line

Many anti aging treatments are promising, at least for the short term. Several creams if applied daily for several months are known to increase dermal collagen. We expect Clinique Anti- Gravity Firming Lift cream to be no different. In fact, this product may just have an edge over others. After all Clinique is backed by a solid brand image.