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Clinique For Great Skin!: Review & Comparison

Clinique cosmetics collection, that has added a new range of Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream with a USP of protecting skin from wrinkles, has caught the eye of critics by capturing the market with big bang. Creating a great skin by toning your skin now gets easy with this cream.


The corner stone of the deep rooted clinique three step ideology of - cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, now marks a fourth step - Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream. Clinique claims to provide custom-made solutions in helping women with different skin type. The 3-step skin care culminates as a facial soap for cleansing, exfoliating through clarifying lotion, and moisturizing by gel. Though the company suggests pairing up Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream with the complete treatment mentioned above, they also claim that the cream is beneficial on its own.

So, what are the promises of this Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream in an already flooded market of beauty products? Official sites of Clinique claim that this product is different from the the others in the market. The functioning of the Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream can be described by the cream’s ability to boost the body natural collagen level. The cream tones the skin and lifts wrinkles by filling out thin and damaged skin.

Product Details

Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream is presented by the company as a hydrating product that claims to include ample amount of moisturising ingredients which are supposed to be helpful in padding up the skin’s surface. However, the ingredient list is unavailable at the official site of product and little information has been provided relating to it.

The company claims that this product possesses collagen properties. Collagen is responsible for fighting wrinkles. Thus, collagen enhancing properties of this product can boost the collagen level in the body and keep the skin looking young for a longer time.

What’s Positive

Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream- a product by renowned brand is easily available at prominent malls, drugstores and manufacturer’s official website.
It is Allergy Tested and can also be used by women that have very sensitive skin.

Being 100% fragrance free, it lets you have the ease of use as fragrance is a major cause of sensitiveness and allergy. It being custom-made is an added benefit which helps in meeting individual skin types.

What’s Negative

There is as such no grey shade to this product. But its recommended use by pairing it up with twice-a-day routine of 3 step skin care makes the therapy expensive and time consuming. Further as this is first product in the launch of wrinkle lift niche by company, some of them may doubt- if the product is really as effective as it claims to be. Absolutely no mention of ingredients is also a kind of pullback for potential buyers.

Bottom Line

Clinique comes in different strength for different types of skin treatment. The same holds true for Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream - a treatment for ageing and wrinkles; but a comprehensive list of ingredients is a demand that company needs to provide to customers.