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Collaser-48: Review & Comparison

New anti-wrinkle products are entering the market every day. Collaser-48 is one such product that claims to show results in 48 hours.


Aggressive promotion has made anti aging creams a cheaper alternative to invasive procedures such as cosmetic surgery and botox injections. You now have a choice of many creams that you can buy over the counter. You may even purchase them online. The effectiveness of anti aging creams depends on their ingredients. A few of the most common ingredients used in anti-aging creams are retinol, hydroxyl acids, Coenzyme Q10, copper peptides, kinetin and tea extracts. FDA has classified creams and lotions as cosmetics. This means that these products need not undergo vigorous screening for safety before they are marketed.

Product Details

Collaser–48 is created by Lancôme Paris, a leading international marketer of perfume, cosmetic and skin care products. This product is now marketed by the name High Resolution Collaser 5X™. Collaser-48 claims to help restore our natural collagen in the skin and prevent its further aging. The official Lancôme website offers a video presentation that tells you about the benefits of collagen in anti aging therapy.

Collagen is a protein that helps the skin conserve its tension, elasticity, moisture, and texture. The main ad neither displays any information on how to use the product not gives details about its ingredients. The product however advertises that results are evident within 48 hours; and within one week, suppleness and bounce are restored. Collaser-48 also asserts that 82% of the users have found firmer skin and 67% of the users experiences younger looking skin.

What’s Positive

Collaser–48 is backed by a solid pedigree. Its creator Lancôme has to its credit many well-known cosmetic brands. Collagen restoration is now considered an innovative technology for anti aging treatment. This makes Collager-48 a frontline product. All products have a money back guarantee.

What’s Negative

List of ingredients are still unknown. This aspect is proving to be an impediment in assessing the cream’s benefits. Lancôme recommends using Collager-48 in conjunction with a three-step system and not for stand-alone use.

Bottom Line

Collaser-48 does have marketing potential because of the benefits attributed to collagen restoration. This product will however face tough competition from other products claiming similar advantages.