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Correctionist Skin Care: Review & Comparison

The market for anti aging products has become crowded with a flood of beauty products to choose from. The consumer is now witnessing a deluge of brands on the store shelves with each product claiming unique benefits. A new entrant in the fray is a product by name Correctionist Skin Care created by American International Industries, Los Angeles.


This brand is offering an 8-part Skin Care regimen that claims to go beyond the skin’s surface to treat signs of aging. Are the ad slogans just another attention- grabbing exercise or are they for real? The entire regimen claims to do it all. It claim to “reduce deep and moderate wrinkles, resurface fine lines, block wrinkle formation, even out skin tone, repair cellular damage, and impart smoothness and firmness to the skin”.

Each product seems to be reasonably priced, but buying the entire line for the 8-part regimen is likely to burn a hole in your pocket. Correctionist Skin Care is available at many leading stores. You can even buy the product at online retailers. However, there is no money-back guarantee.

Product Details

Correctionist Skin Care official website displays a Skin Care system that includes 10 products in all, each claiming unique benefits. You have a Gentle Gel Cleaner that removes all traces of oil; Multi Benefit Eye Creme that claims to brighten up your eye area; Sensualip Plumper that intends to make your lips smooth, and seven others, each with diverse advantages.

Detailed list of ingredients are an important part of any product information. Correctionist Skin Care does name some constituents in each of the 10 products of the Skin Care system. Some of the components are traditional anti aging ingredients. A few examples are olive oil, alpine flower extract, licorice extracts, Algae extracts, and caffeine. As with all cosmetic products, efficacy of the constituents is known either through tradition or through radical methods in vogue these days.

What’s Positive

The 8-part Skin Care regimen appears to be a good integrated approach for anti aging treatment.Correctionist Skin Care is backed by American International Industries, a well-known manufacturer of beauty products for the last thirty years.

What’s Negative

Correctionist Skin Care recommends using the entire 8-part regimen. This is a bit pricey.A comprehensive list of ingredients is not available on the official website. So are the testimonials.

Bottom Line

They say, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. You may as well try Correctionist Skin Care to get a feel of it. There seems to be no compelling reason not to do so.