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Coryse Salome: Review & Comparison

Innovation is the key to promote a new product. This is well exemplified in the bludgeoning anti aging cream market. Coryse Salome claims its new range of cosmetic products is a RNA / DNA renaissance that provides “a complete, intensive beauty treatment to help slow down the visible appearance of aging”. However, in the absence of more details, it is difficult to ascertain as to how RNA and DNA “play a key role in cellular revival”.


A well-known science magazine has raised some pertinent queries on the claims made by Coryse Salome. These relate, among other things, to the origin of DNA and RNA. Is it human DNA or any other? How do DNA and RNA help in enhancing the appearance of your skin and make you look younger? The answers are not yet clear.
Apprehensions aside, Coryse Salome boasts of a multitude of benefits. It claims to help slackening of epidermal tissues, firms and soothes the face, and improves skin tone and firmness. In short, Coryse Salome claims to make you look younger.

Product Details

Coryse Salome Face Care is sold in the market as Competence Anti-Age Renaissance A.R.N –D.R.N. It is priced modestly at $35 for a 50ml jar. Apart from the face-care cream, the website displays nine other Competence Anti-Age Renaissance products. Each of these creams serves a different purpose, but with a common aim, that is to restore your youth. There is no mention of ingredients on the website. We could locate neither any testimonials nor results of any clinical studies. Moreover, there is hardly any information on the Coryse Salome Company.

What’s Positive

You can buy Coryse Salome products directly from their official website. The products are offered with discounts. The product range is vast with a variety of applications.

What’s Negative

We still do not know the exact role of RNA and DNA in anti aging. Hence, there is no way to assess the beneficial claims made by Coryse Salome. The website of Coryse Salome does not provide any details of the product’s constituents. Testimonials and results of clinical studies are absent.

Bottom Line

Some mention of the ingredients of Coryse Salome would have helped to assess the efficacy of the cream. Until such time this information is made available, using this new product may involve safety risks. However, if you do get any favorable feedback from users of Coryse Salome, go ahead and give it a try.