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Cosmedicine: Review & Comparison

A prominent product among the various cosmetic creams offered by Cosmedicine is the Hydra Healer Maximum Strength Moisture Cream.


Cosmedicine claims that the cream has multi feature benefits that include, among others, intensifying skin hydration, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helping restore youthful volume and contours. This jargon is hardly new since almost all producers of cosmetic creams claim to do just the same to make you appear younger.
Cosmedicine recommends this cream for “loss of firmness and elasticity, excessive dryness and for fine lines and wrinkles”. There is nothing new here too. This natural aging condition is bound to occur in varying degrees in all of us as we progress and advance year-wise in our lives.
Simply put, Hydra Healer Maximum Strength Moisture Cream is one more brand added to the multitude of anti aging products available in the market. Does it stand apart from the rest in any way? This is a question that’s difficult to answer.
One of the cream’s ingredients mentioned on the website, sodium hyaluronate, does have a record of efficacy. Apart from that, Cosmedicine’s brand image may not be very flattering, due to lack of reliable information about the penetration of Cosmedicine’s product line in the anti aging cream market.

Product Details

There was no way we could get to know the pedigree of Cosmedicine from the official website. Nevertheless, what we could gather from the other sources is that Trueyou.com Inc presently owns Cosmedicine and all its products are developed and formulated by Atlantis Laboratories.
Some information on the product is available at the website of an online retailer. The active ingredients mentioned are dimethicone, cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, palmitoyl-pentapeptide 3 and constituents containing vitamins B, C and E.
Cosmedicine claims that clinical trials using “state-of-the-art high resolution tools” have shown very favorable results.
One ounce of Hydra Healer Maximum Strength Moisture Cream is priced at $ 75.
This product can be purchased through the online retailer Sophora. Not much information is available about other distribution outlets.

What’s Positive

You can purchase Cosmedicine products online.
Some of the ingredients mentioned have proven benefits.

What’s Negative

The ancestry of Cosmedicine is not very flattering. Very little is known about the credentials of Atlantis Laboratories, the producer and developer of Cosmedicine products.
Though a successful clinical trial is supposed to have been conducted, supportive data is not available to verify the claims.

Bottom Line

Today, you have many skin care products in the market from reputed companies. These products claim to do the same for your skin and in possibly the same manner as Cosmedicine claims to do.
Cosmedicine has not yet convinced us of any compelling reason to buy their products in preference to others. A good policy would be to wait and watch for favorable reviews and feedbacks from users.