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Debon Isa Knox: Review & Comparison

Debon Isa Knox was hugely popular when it was first released but itsTaiwan-based manufacturer no longer manufacturers this beauty product. But its popularity continues, and the product is available even today through various retailers.


Debon Isa Knox is one of the most popular wrinkle creams that promise to do away with wrinkles as well as restore damaged skin.
Its most popular claim is that it is suitable for all skin types as it provides two creams (Solution 1 and Solution 2) that have to be mixed by the user themselves to create the perfect pH balance.

Product Details

TDebon Isa Knox anti aging product consists of a couple of patented ingredients. These are Medimin A and Prangenidin-77. The real effect of Medimin A in Debon Isa Knox is unknown and since the product has been discontinued, it is hard to find out further details. Prangenidin-77, however is supposedly derived from “angelica” and claims to reduce wrinkles. Other active ingredients are hard to figure out unless one purchases the product.
It does consist of Solution 1 and Solution 2 which one must mix together before using. It is really more of an anti wrinkle serum than a cream and should be applied to areas which are particularly wrinkled.

What’s Positive

Debon Isa Knox is popular even though it is no longer manufactured, and this should say something.
If the claims of the manufacturers are to be believed, Debon Isa Knox is suitable for all kinds of skin.
Mixing of the two serums creates a perfect pH balance.
It is relatively reasonable to purchase, depending on the online seller of the product.

What’s Negative

Debon Isa Knox is no longer being manufactured so the supply is definitely limited.
The user themselves have to mix the products instead of receiving a pre-made product.
It is a generalized product for all skin types and is not specifically designed for particular skin issues.
The exact use of the patented ingredients is not known. Other ingredients are also hard to list unless one purchases the product.

Bottom Line

Debon Isa Knox is a popular anti aging product for all skin types. The problem, however, is that it is no longer being manufactured. It does contain patented ingredients that apparently help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Give it a shot.