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Deception Wrinkle Cream: Review & Comparison

A product of the Dremu Skin Care labs, the Deception Wrinkle Cream is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments in the market today, and has also recently been in the news lately.
On closer inspection, you actually learn that the Deception Wrinkle Cream is not anti-aging formula that does away with the wrinkles, but in fact teaches you how to hide your wrinkles effectively.


Deception Wrinkle Cream is rich in emu oil and silicon dioxide. The presence of silicone dioxide almost creates a vanishing effect on the wrinkles.
The tagline for the product is “Cheat a little” so you automatically know that the wrinkles don’t actually go anywhere but the Deception Wrinkle Cream simply makes it appear as though they’ve disappeared.

Product Details

This anti aging cream is more of a concealer rather than a full-fledged anti wrinkle treatment. The silicone dioxide is embedded within the Deception Wrinkle Cream in the form of microscopic crystals – micro prisms that effectively refract light off the face.
The micro prisms fill in your wrinkles and take the attention away from your wrinkles, by making your face appear glowing.

What’s Positive

All the promises made by anti aging creams and anti wrinkle serums are not always true, and you may still be left with wrinkles that just don’t go away. This is where the Deception Wrinkle Cream steps in, encouraging you to “cheat a little”.
Hiding the wrinkles temporarily is a great quick fix. The light refracting micro prisms do this effectively as well as make the face glow.
It does have a special 90-day usage offer available, where you can get two jars of Deception Wrinkle Cream for $79.95.

What’s Negative

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your problem of wrinkles, then Deception Wrinkle Cream is not for you.
It is not an anti aging treatment. Washing away the cream, will be like taking off a mask and your lines will appear again.

Bottom Line

Deception Wrinkle Cream makes no tall claims that it offers a permanent anti aging treatment. In fact, it thrives on being a temporary, quick fix solution for wrinkles and lines. At $48 for a single jar, or $79.95 for two jars that should last you 90 days, the Deception Wrinkle Cream is not as steeply priced as many other anti aging creams in the market.