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Dermaglow: Review & Comparison


VitalScience, a Canada based company has introduced Dermaglow cosmetic products to help fight and overcome the process of skin ageing. Two of the main products in this category are Nuvectin and Nuvage. While the former is Advanced Wrinkle Therapy, the latter is Anti-Ageing Therapy. The creams have been formulated by combining the sciences of dermatology and pharmacology. The company also claims to have clinically tested all its products.

Product Details

Nuvectin, used in treatment of reducing wrinkles, is said to decrease the occurrence of wrinkles by at least 50%. The manufacturers also claim that regular use of the cream will help soften the skin by 17% making it plumper by 4%. The cream is touted as the best beauty product in Canada. However, the company has not listed the ingredients that go in its composition.
Nuvage is used to help prevent the appearance of wrinkles by 48% and also treats sun damaged skin. It also claims to make the skin firm thus improving its texture and appearance. The composition of this cream is also not known.

What’s Positive

- Dermaglow offers a wide range of skin care products. There are creams, lotions and serums available for treating almost any type of skin disorder.
- Clinical tests of the anti-ageing products have shown the presence of Peptides that are the most important ingredient for countering the effects of skin ageing.

What’s Negative

- The products are very popular in Canada but hard to find in elsewhere.
- Since the composition of the products is not given, many are reluctant to buy it.
- The company claims that the products are clinically tested and proven. However, there are no evidences to support the claim.
- There is no money return policy in case one is not satisfied with the products.

Bottom Line

Many Dermaglow products rule the beauty care market in Canada. But fact remains that the manufacturers have not enlightened the public on the chemical composition of the treatments. Even the Dermaglow official website does not do so. Also Dermaglow therapies are available only in Canada. VitalScience does not even offer online purchase elsewhere.