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Dermalastyl: Review & Comparison

The market is flooded with beauty care products that claim to help you achieve a young and attractive look. Dermalastyl is also one such beauty product line in that promises youthful skin and glow.


Elastin is a protein that helps to retain the elasticity between the connective tissues of the skin. With age, the production of this protein slows down in the body. This results in appearance of wrinkles. Dermalastyl products are composed of Tropoelastin, which aids in the formation of elastin in aging skin. This chemical is absorbed by the various layers of the skin to bring about the desired result.

Product Details

Dermalastyl has five products in their skin care range. Their most popular product is Dermalastyl B. Its main ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid and Argireline. The former keeps the skin moisturized and produces collagen and the latter helps in the relaxation of the muscles of the face.
The other products are Dermalastyl E Pro Formula Eye Serum, Dermalastyl E Intensive Eye Serum, Dermalastyl Facial Scrub Formula and Dermalastyl BX Pro Face Cream. Elastatropin, Matrixyl, Argireline and Prolisel are the ingredients that are common to all the products. Matrixyl is believed to help in the production of collagen and Prolisel, which is a combination of various amino acids, is a well known antioxidant. It also performs the function of an anti-carcinogen, thus protecting the skin from cancer.

What’s Positive

The official website has detailed information available regarding each product.
The ingredients used in the products are all listed on the website.
The company has made provisions for ordering the products online.

What’s Negative

No information is available on the manufacturers of Dermalastyl products.
Users can claim back their money within 30 days. This is too short a period to decide whether a skin care product is working or not.
Paraben has been used as the preservative in all the products. This is not very healthy for the skin especially after the chemical has been found in breast tumors.
Patented as well as other ingredients have been all listed together on the official website. No care has been taken to list them separately or in some order of semblance.

Bottom Line

Dermalastyl products are recommended for people facing skin problems. They are not meant for regular use. While the website provides detailed information on the ingredients that go into the making of each product, it fails to provide trustworthy proof of the effectiveness of the products. In fact the testimonial page does not even show up. This is bound to leave many potential buyers facing a dilemma.