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Dermanew: Review & Comparison

Dermanew offers a great range of cosmetic products that claim to help the skin regain its smoothness and also help protect it from wrinkles. Dermanew has products that comprise of do-it-yourself microdermabrasion kits and anti-aging creams.


The product line was launched by Amby Longhofer and Dean Rhoades. Both of them were salon owners who first started out by producing microdermabrasion kits that could be used at homes. This treatment was not very expensive and did not require regular visits to a salon. Looking at the popularity of the product, the makers ventured into the production of Dermanew anti-aging creams. Today, their microdermabrasion therapy includes Hyper BarOx Oxygen Infuser that claims to provide the skin with 90% more oxygen than other products.

Product Details

The microdermabrasion treatment is included with the anti-aging products. This is the full Dermanew therapy. The kit contains Accelerated Formula Replacement Cream and Total Body Moisture Renewal. The Replacement Cream is used as an exfoliator. It scrubs clean the surface of the skin and moisturizes it. There is an exfoliating tool provided that massages the cream onto the face. The Body Moisture Renewal is to be used after the Replacement Cream. Both the creams need to be used together to bring about the desired results.

What’s Positive

- The official website of Dermanew provides details of all the ingredients used in the making of microdermabrasion kit and anti-ageing creams.
- The site has 1-800 line that the customers can contact in case of queries.
- The products can be bought directly from the company website.

What’s Negative

- There are no clinical tests or evidences cited to prove the claim of 100% effectiveness of the Dermanew products.
- All the products contain paraben as an active ingredient. Paraben has recently come under controversy and manufacturers of beauty products are being discouraged from using it as a preservative because of its harmful effects.
- While do-it-at-home-microdermabrasion kits sound appealing, the truth is that their non-professional usage can have a damaging effect on the sensitive skin of the face.

Bottom Line

Dermanew offers great products and brilliant results. Their microdermabrasion kits have taken the market by storm because of their cost effectiveness and easy to use nature. However, these kits are not being manufactured by medical professionals. Also, one needs to keep in mind that the same treatment is also offered by professionals at spas and clinics. A good idea would be to consult professionals before falling for any marketing strategies.